Scripture: 2 Chronicles 7:12-21

The number four is significant for the world: North, south, East, and West

The Lord is sifting and shifting... Many people will come out of Ministry. Watch what happens.. Breaking, Breaking Breaking
Time of God's Breaking!  I m going to do a great number of things in this season!  Many will fall by the sword!

I'm going through the earth like a plundering thunder.  I will go through the earth and break down the kingdoms that have been
built by man.  I will break their walls.  I will break their strategies.  I will break from the east to the west, north to the south.  
Watch the men run and think they are God.  For, they have no authority on Earth.  For it is time to remove the False mantles,
the false apostles, the false worship.  I am removing as we speak and it will go throughout the world.

Watch now, heavy rains, heavy rains. Watch now.

The people are in distractions... prisons of sins.. curses all around them. Hear their screams, chaos all around ....
chaos that surrounds idolatry in the Land.. Man's kingdom will not stand...

A King is coming with his white horse and  sword in his hand.. Commandments will follow the sword at hand!!

Pestilence is coming to the Land...Many will experience chaos. Chaos will either propel them forward or they will be the target
of pestilence in the Land.

Leaders must have the heart of the Father and represent it.  Seek the Fathers heart...

Roseby Foss
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