"Changing Winds Will Produce New Trade Routes: Port Cities - Watch Now for the Gates to Change!"

Dear Friends and Hungry Saints:

Here is the remainder of the Word the Lord shared with us on Sunday morning, November 30, 2008 (
for Part 1 click here). I want to encourage
many of you to get to know the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation this year.

Supply Lines are Changing - Get in the Flow of the New Stream!

During the time of revelation, the Spirit of God began to speak to many. In this portion, you will see the call for us to receive the Changing Winds
that will Produce New Trade Routes: Port Cities - Watch Now for Your Supply to Change!

Keith Pierce began to prophesy to me: "I see this Scripture over your head. I saw a light come up over your head like a light house. Isaiah 60 was
beaming above your head as waves in the sea began to lap at your feet. This caused ships to begin to change their directional path and change
their courses and come into new ports.

The Lord said, 'You lived in Houston, which is a port city, and you have always had a great love for it. It has changed, and now I am extending the
port inland all the way to this area. I will begin to dig from Houston to here and the supply that comes into the Port of Houston will make its way to

Keith then read Isaiah 60 over me. Here are some excerpts from that chapter:

"Arise, shine, for your light is come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. Darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over My people, but
the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your dawn. Lift up your eyes
and look about you. All assemble and come to you. Your sons come from afar and your daughters are carried on the arm. Then you will look and
be radiant. Your heart will throb and swell with joy.

"The wealth on the seas will be brought to you. The riches of the nations will come. Herds of camels will cover your land. Young camels from
Midian and Ephrah and all from Sheba (cites in the Arabian desert) will come bearing gold and incense and proclaiming the praise of the Lord. All
Kedars flocks will gather to you. The Rams of Neboah will serve you. (The Gentile wealth from these cities would be brought to complete the
second building of the Temple). They will be accepted as offerings on My altar and I will adorn My glorious temple.

"Who are these who fly along like clouds and like doves to the nest? Surely the islands look to Me. In the lead are the ships of Tarshish bringing
your sons from afar with their silver and their gold to the honor of the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, for He has endowed you with splendor."

This will Be a Season of Redirecting the Ships of Supply

Word of the Lord: "This will be a season of redirecting the ships of supply. I have held ships in bay for a while. I have kept them in port, but now I
will take ships from unusual places and bring them into new places. I am causing a new group to arise who understand trade and the shipping
system. These will redirect the ships of supply throughout the earth realm.

"In the boundaries I have set you in, learn how supply is attached to its source. In other words, if you work for Neimans Clothing Store (like Janice
Swinney), you will have to know how the trade is coming into Neimans. I will then give My positioned people the ability to redirect and open up new
trade systems. If My people do not understand the power of redirecting trade at this time, then they will not pull in their supply for My Kingdom

"This is a time of redirecting supply and causing supply lines to form in new ways. Lines of supply have been flowing in one way, but now My people
will redirect them throughout the earth.

"You will know how you are being supplied. You have been taking supply, but not understanding the root of the produce. That is why My plan of
giving is so important. Without giving, you cannot break the power of supply received from a bad root. Most provision that comes into your hands is
from Me. However, it must be sanctified. For everything that I allow you to steward on My behalf, you will ask the question, 'Where did this come
from? How do I prosper when I lay my hand upon something?'

"This will be a different season for My people. Their sources will not always be 'holy,' but they can redeem the provision. They will know and cause
lines that have not formed to open up. They will cause lines that have been closed down to be reformed. I am changing the supply lines of nations,
and port cities must know NOW that they will change. Watch the ports throughout the earth."

Great Contending for the Ships to Come to Shore - the Pirates are in the Water

"There will be great contention for ships to reach their destination. Even though the pirates have risen to take the booty at the ports, My people will
be redirecting the booty for they have the law of booty built within them. Because you have the law of booty in you, you will know how to cause lines
of supply to come into My house.

"Even the airline industry will start making a great change in days ahead. You must know the flight patterns and how they are changing. There will
be a great change coming in the airline industry in this administration.

"This is a time that I am replanting your feet. Some will say, 'I am called to the 7-11' (gas stations). Others will say, 'I am called to the newspapers.'
Some are resisting the change I am moving you into. Some will say, 'I am called to the music industry.' You will have to understand the supply lines
from the source. You must go to the next level if you want to see My Kingdom make its shift in this generation.

"Don't try to understand by using old skills and mindsets. For the enemy is developing new ways to pirate the booty. Start thinking in a new way for I
will quicken your spirit in the place I plant you and every where your hand extends and touches something - you will cause growth to occur. Every
contract will have meaning. Watch for supply structures to change."

I Have New Supply Line Strategies

"I say to the teachers of the earth, 'You must understand the resources that I have given you and how they affect My Kingdom. You have not been
sent into the school system just for jobs. You have been set there to see the resources that I have in the next generation. This is a different time.
You have not yet seen how I will cause the next generation to be used. Change the way you are teaching. You will see roots.'

"This is a new day of understanding. You will understand the drug trafficking that is going on around you. You will understand how supply is being
shifted illegally, and I will give My people the ability to shift it back. You have been focusing on how illegal drug trade is occurring, but not the
Mammon system behind it. If I allow drugs into a port, you will have the ability to redirect them into the right place. If you ask Me then I will reveal to
you in the night where and what has come in. You will be able to stop illegal spending.

"I have new supply strategies. Gather My supply into the new supply lines. I am delivering you from a system that you have been built into. This
system has produced familiar spirits around you. I am pulling you out of that system and replanting you all over the earth. This will allow you to
gather new supply in fields that are now forming. I will show you new provision that is springing up all around you. You will cause the right path to
form for this provision to be brought to the right harbors.

"This is a different season. Your mind is still in the last season and that is why your fire is going out. I am redoing the housing system and opening
up homes for My people to gather so I can reposition them in various areas. Watch what I am doing. See the recession differently than you have in
the past and prepare yourself. Some of you need new skills. Be willing to learn in a new way. You are relying on your understanding and
knowledge of the past. Be willing to learn. Know what I AM doing and develop your skills around the opportunities that I place on your path. Study to
show yourself approved. Prove Me NOW!

"You are entering a war season over supply over the next 7 years. You are being put on the front line to redirect it. Watch every canal system.
Watch the Suez and Panama Canals. Watch the trade systems coming in and watch what I AM doing. I will show you boats. The boats and ports
that I reveal to you are the key to your future in this generation.

"You will direct the ships of the earth and where they are bringing supply into the nations and the Kingdom development of My plans this hour.
Whether they are in the air or in the sea or in the port, My people will now redirect the ships of the earth. If you are in a port city, this is your
assignment: to tear down Mammon systems and to control what is coming into your port.

"There is a change that is occurring in the earth. The enemy has had a sound that has caused the ships to crash upon the rocks. But I am giving My
people a sound that will redirect the ships to bring them into the harbor. This will release the supply that is intended for a Kingdom advance this
hour. Receive your sound. There is a turning of the waters, and ships are being redirected. Release the sound I give you and turn My supply for
your future into the right harbor.

Hear Me Now: The Season Has Shifted!

"Do not look at your wilderness job the same way that you have viewed it in the past. You have seen your job as menial. Every position is a divine
appointment - whether you stay there one day or one year. I AM divinely appointing and positioning My people for them to understand supply lines.
I AM even going to give you the ships of the desert. You have resisted your desert place and have not seen the ships in the desert, and have
misappropriated and misdirected the supply of your desert.

"This is a time, no matter where you are positioned, for you to gain your skills for the next season. I will not release you from your desert until you
understand the supply line of that desert. If you are being released, this means that you are ready to learn something new from Me. This is a new
season. Hear Me now: the season has shifted!

"You are trying to change the flow of supply and the way things are done. You are looking at a government and becoming bitter over the way that
government is doing things. Get to the root of your bitterness. I have a people that I can take into the root systems of control structures, get to the
root of where the supply originated and redirect the flow of supply.

"I have given you the authority to say, 'Dry up.' You have the authority to say, 'Flow.' You have the authority to say, 'Unlock the fruit.' You have the
authority because you are grafted into My covenant plan of prosperity. Because you are grafted, you can graft in new creative strands that will
produce new prototypes.

"Many that you have been reporting to will now harden their hearts toward you. Do not resist the training that I am bringing you, for I must harden
you to circumstances until you understand that it is Me who has positioned you to take the spoils that I am training you to take in days ahead. You
are relying on old supply methods and now they will shift and you will have dreams and visions that tear down old methodologies and cause new
systems to come forth."

Leave, Step Above Words Spoken Over You in the Last Season

LeAnn Squier then began to sing, "I am no longer comfortable in my comfort zone. The Lord is pushing me out. I must find the gold in the desert
and the rivers of living water where ever I am."

The Lord continued, "
Move past spirits of divination. Divination is always linked with supply and lust. You will get past divination and you will lead My
people past it in days ahead. There is creative ability in each one of you, but you do not understand the root system. You do not understand how to
grab the opportunities that I am bringing to you. They are floating right past you and you are unaware of your opportunities that I am producing
around you daily. This is a different time and season. You must not think religiously but must see what I want you to see.

"Leave, step above words spoken over you in the last season, and step into the words that have been prophesied for your future. If you will move
into those words and rely upon Me, I will open doors that will astound you. You will rise up into a call that you have not known. Because of that call,
you will shine in new ways. I am changing national alignments and have repositioned you for such a time as this. Learn and follow. Though you
might not know, you can get behind the wagon of which way you are to go.

"You will move in new ways to see how to multiply your past resources and gain new resources. This generation must learn of Me, sing of Me, and
move with Me. You will lead them in a new way and cause them to see in new ways - past their old methods of seeing. This is not a season of
prejudices. You are fighting for your future and it has nothing to do with your bloodline or your race. You are fighting for a release that I AM bringing.

"I am a God that purifies your blood and causes old iniquities in your blood to be released and My Spirit will cause your blood to become new
again. New blood flow will cause your conscience to come alive to Me. I am a God who unlocks things that have been held up. This is your day of
change and rearranging. I will use everything in your past. Instead of seeing things you don't like, make a list of the things you want to know and I
will not limit My revelation to you this hour. I will make you a father to Pharaoh systems in days ahead and you will administrate My new plans in the

LET GO of Your Expectations from Your Last Spiritual Season

"The times have changed. Change with Me, for this will be a house that I throw into a directing call for the future of My people. Those who line up,
those who bow down, those that come in will say, 'I am getting my revelation. I am reforming the way I am doing things. I must let go of the system I
have been part of and align with the system God is giving me. I will gain the revelation I need and have an ear to hear what Father is saying to me.'
"Hear carefully now for the days of change are upon you. You will not do church the way you have done it in the past. You will get in the flow I have
put you in or you will lose your way to go.

"LET GO of your expectations from your last spiritual season. They mean nothing anymore except that they will become new strength for your
future. Your loss and defeat can now become the bridge of revelation for your victorious future. Get past the structures that come into your path.
God will cause demon forces to stand before you so that you can cause them to disintegrate and be bound for a season.

"The camels are here! Open the gate. The supply has turned. The flow has shifted. Receive the camels. For today is a new beginning for those who
have received My word and are willing to shift and catch the wind in their sails. The supply lines have turned. Grab the new lines and enjoy the
journey to the destination.

"Do not worry about how you are going to do this - just receive the grace you will need to make the shift. My grace is abundant in this hour and My
revelation is flowing freely. Receive and you will prosper in the future."


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries
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