This past Sunday AM was one of the surprise moments where the Lord comes suddenly and begins to speak to us for the days ahead. This was
unusual after all the Turkey Day Festivities, but the Lord's timing is perfect. Use this word below in your prayer time.

Do Not Resist the New Boundaries

"This is a time that I will kindle a fire again, stir the embers, and return the flame of My People. I will have a people who burn again. This will be a
season like none other you have known. This will be a season of resetting boundaries. I AM coming into your life and sphere to set your
boundaries in new ways. I will be reordering the way you have walked. Your finances will have new boundaries. Your vision will have new
boundaries, and many will be positioned in new territories.

"The way you love and express My love will have new boundaries - for in days past your trials have pulled your emotions from their abiding place in
Me. Your passions must have new boundaries and your desires must be encapsulated in a new way. This will cause you to burn again. I must
have a fire in My people this hour!

"I must gather the embers that have been scattered, because this last season you have been scattered in many areas. I will regather your
scattered emotions and get them into a new place within you. I must gather the embers together so I can blow on them and create a new flame.
Do not resist the new boundaries. Do not resist the way I will have you doing your assignments this season. This is a time of bringing forth the fire
again. I AM the fire, so give me liberty to BURN!

"I will release the wind that will blow on the coals and embers that have lain dormant, smoldering within you. Today is a day of a reverberating
sound within the heart of My people. What you are hearing in your heart is My sound, filled with My love - the love of the Father.
"I would say to you - the wind will come gently at the beginning, but by March it will be a torrent upon you. Receive the gentle wind that will begin to
blow today that will push you within the boundaries I have for you. Do not resist My wind. If you resist the blowing of My wind and the boundaries
that are being reformed around you, My wind will become adversarial to you. If you will receive My wind and your new boundaries, I will become an
adversary against your adversaries.

"In March, there will be conflicting, contending winds, therefore, you must have your feet planted. Receive the gentle wind now at the beginning - for
My winds will increase and the enemy will also increase his winds and you will see the whirlwinds come by March. If you do not plant your feet and
refocus your vision, you will be blown outside of the fence that I have given you and you will say, 'Lord, I'm wandering again. The warfare in this field
and the food in this field is not what I need for my future. How did I get here?'"

Raise Your Sail

Keith Pierce has a vision during the prayer time. He shared:

The Lord showed me that some people have let their sails down. As a prophetic act, if you will begin to raise your sails, God will release the wind to
bring you out of a troubled place and you will begin to gain momentum to move forward in a new way. Where wandering and wilderness have
latched onto you the Lord says:

"Raise your sail. I am releasing the wind so that you can gain momentum this day to come into the fullness of March where there will be a new
roar of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. I am building in My people and gathering this day so raise your sails and catch the wind.
"Raise your sail of expectation for you have lost the power of expectation that I will do anything. If you will raise your sail of expectation today, I will
send a gentle wind that restores your desire and your emotions within the new boundaries that I'm setting. Raise your sail of expectation today and
you will sail into a new port in days ahead. Raise your sail of expectation today."

I led us in asking forgiveness for letting our sails down in the middle of a crisis time instead of pressing through the adverse waters to the other
side. I asked the Lord to forgive us for allowing our expectations to be lessened and fallen in this last season.

The Spirit of God began to speak again:
"I am reordering your boundaries and you will have to raise the sail in these new boundaries - for you
have let it down in your old boundaries. Now bring your sail up in a new way and watch a new wind begin to come into the new boundaries that I
will set for you this month. Let go. Do not worry about depleting your resources. Don't worry about getting to the end of this season. You will raise
sail in this new boundary and the wind will blow and you will sail into a new port."

Janice Swinney began to share a vision she had:

When Chuck started praying about lifting the sail, I saw an anchor. The Lord says:

"Regret is like an anchor. Many in this hour have dropped an anchor of regret that is holding them in place. Cut the rope linked with the anchor of
regret. You might drift for a while but at least you will start moving again. Hope is in the future. Regret is in the past. Cut off regret so that while you
are raising the sail of your boat, My wind can catch you and take you farther than you ever thought you could go - into places you have not even
dreamed possible. This is the hour for raising the sail, but also for cutting off all regret so that hope can become the anchor of your soul."

Pull the Anchor Up!

When Janice began sharing, I was reminded of the shirt I wore on Saturday. The shirt was red and covered with gold anchors. While I was out and
about shopping all day, I found myself looking at people or thinking about people and declaring that they would pull up their anchors and get
ready to head to another shore. I would look at someone or someone would call and I found myself saying, "Pull the anchor up!" At about noon, I
heard the Lord say:

"Decree that the thing that has been taunting and mocking My people, to distract them and get them outside of My purposes for their lives and bring
them into a place where they are confused or warring amiss, will be addressed in a new way. Declare where some have attempted to settle and
protect an old shore and refuse to hear and enter into what I am doing, will now pull up anchor, end that season, and begin to row to a new shore.
"Watch Me bring you into new boundaries. Watch Me move My people forward. If you will tell them to get up and get in the boundaries, no matter
how small or even if they have to start over, I will move on them in a new way. I declare now is the time to get in the new place that I am calling you
to come to. Reform your boundaries with Me. Raise your sail, lift your anchor, and expect the wind to come.

"Declare a season ended. Declare old thoughts to be pulled out. Declare changes in alliances. Let go of losses. Let go of bruised expectations. I
have new assignments. Flow to a new shore!"

We declared a release of the wind to bring forth the flame of the Spirit within us in a new way. After we made the decrees about the wind, on
University of North Texas, the wind was clocked from 6 mph at 8am to 26 mph by 1pm!

I went by Target to pick up a new car seat for Chloe and two pillows for our bed. When I walked out of Target, a gust of wind grabbed one of the
pillows and it began to blow across the parking lot. People were yelling, "Someone lost their pillow! Look at that pillow!" The Lord then spoke to me
personally and said, "
I will make sure that you do not get too comfortable this season."

The wind was strong enough that I could not get the pillow at the risk of losing the rest of the supplies I had. I let the pillow go and secured the rest
of the purchase. You fill in the blanks.


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries
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