I awakened on November 10, 2009 at 5:00AM ministering this word in a dream. I was stirred by the Spirit of God to arise and
write what I heard. The statements are as I heard them.

If we would change the land we must rise up above the squalor of personal self indulgence. We must lay aside our petty
personal likes and dislikes. We must find one another. There are those that have a heart to do things the Kings' way. Those
who have left off serving their own interests. Those that have received the dealings(instruction, correction, and chastening) of
God in their personal walks until they are transformed into his likeness. We must find those that have the aroma of God resting
on them because of the personal pursuit of His presence. We must recognize the anointed leaders among us. Those that
have the grace and the character. Those that have the dignity and the integrity to be willing to set aside their own agendas to
follow the agenda of Christ alone.

We must find one another and band and bond together amalgamating into not another Church not another exercise in self
indulgence. We must amalgamate into an army of massive purpose. Beyond the serving of personal likes, beyond the
agendas of man we must stand as one people. Armed not with bullets for fear someone will get our stuff but with the undying
Love of God for our fellow man. Shall we stoop too this purpose to serve the eternal purposes of our unseen commander. It is
imperative that we rise to the call of this hour. We are the solution we are the answer. Oh not our buildings and stuff. Not our
money and things. Not even our gifts. It is the heart filled with the Love of God. It is minds filled with the courage to do the will
of our God. Not the radical ways of natural war.

We must draw near the Lord together to hear the sound of things yet unwritten or spoken. There is a sound from heaven that
will change the land. That sound is true to the interests of the Father alone. It isn't serving the modern concept of ministry. It is
being willing to yield to the necessary changes that a holy God requires for those he has called to walk with him. How long will
we wait? Shall we expect another people of another time to answer this call?   

Perhaps another Pensacola, Toronto, or a fresh charismatic renewal, or a "Kingdom" move is the answer?   Perhaps another
emergent personality is the answer. What if this move is so far away from the celebrity driven ideals we have seen in the past?
Perhaps there is an emerging people. A people of one heart, blood washed, yielded vessels who take no thought for their
lives. Those armed with the character and the Favor of the King himself. Broken, humble men who had rather pray and
worship, seeking the face of the Lord rather than fill their minds with the amusements of man.   Those that are empty of
ambition, clear of manmade pursuits. These are a people of quick obedience.

Shall we continue to serve the models of the past that have left us gathering around personalities instead of around the King. I
have found the Lord right where I left Him. I have found Him to draw near when I draw near. We are not waiting on heaven,
heaven is waiting on us.

Shall we arise to the call, and find one another?   Who has God led across our paths? Those that there is an undeniable
spiritual connection with. These are joints that produce the fire of His presence every time we come together. What's wrong
with us? Will we forever overlook the obvious? These are the relationships that must be sought out and tended. These are
those we must seek to find. Together then we must seek the Father for the discovery of the mystery of His purpose in our
relationships. There is a reason He has called us together.   

The land wasn't and will not be saved by soup kitchens and hand outs. In the days of the emergent infant Church, the land
was changed by a revolutionary radical change in the hearts of a few that were banded together. The world will always want to
make kings of those who supply their needs.   That's the reason we have the current administration in America. We have
voted to serve our own needs, while leaving the moral and ethical landmarks that have guided our way in the past.

And so the church has left its pursuit of the deeply needed presence of God. We have opted for forms and buildings above
the presence of the Lord. Let us find the presence of God as the rally point of all our assemblies. Let us seek the favor of our
God rather than the fashionable trends of a self indulgent society. We will change the land only when we are changed. We will
be changed only when we have yielded to the dealings of God on our lives. We must set aside everything else to have Him.   

I Love You Church,
Bro Cleve
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