“I have loved you, My people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself” – Jeremiah 31:3

My precious people, oh how I love you. Oh how My love for you overflows like a river. My love for you My people is like nothing
that the world has ever known. My love for you My people is divine, it is everlasting, it is unconditional, it is life, it is
forgiveness, and it is freedom. My love will bring you peace, will set you free, will comfort you in times of need, My love is who I
am. If you know not My love, you truly cannot know who I am.

There are many of you who are walking through trying times. Times where things are not turning out the way you planned.
Things are not turning around in the ways you have expected, and promises that you believed were to come ‘now’ have not
yet arrived.

Many of you are walking seasons of deep healing. Many of you are walking seasons of heartache, pain and unforgiveness.
Many of you are finding the lies that have been hidden in your hearts for so long coming to the surface. You are beginning to
see the ‘hidden’ things within your hearts that have kept you bound for so long.

There has been a great contending within My Church in this last season. Many of you have been contending for your healing,
for your freedom, for your breakthrough. Many of you have been contending for the lives of others and have seen little fruit or

My People, I have taken many of you to the threshing floor in the past season. I have cut off things that hindered and brought
you to a place of complete surrender. You are finding that you are feeling freer, feeling more joy than ever before, and feeling
peace that you have never felt before. This is because I have removed things that hindered. I have removed oppression that
has hung over you like cloud for so long, I have removed dread that has been your companion for years, I have removed
torment that ailed your minds night and day. I have set you free My people in this season so that you may go and minister to
those who are walking in the deep seasons of healing now.  I have opened your eyes to the deeper revelation of My love like
never before to create a hunger and thirst in those around you in the season of deep healing to cry out and be desperate to
see My heart and love for them.

Those of you in this season of deep healing have been aching, living with an ache that nothing seems to remove. You have
been living with a dread, a fear that has been tormenting you from the inside out.

My People, the issue is you have not seen My love. You have not truly seen My heart for you and how much I delight in you
and your presence before Me. Your eyes have been blinded for so long and you have lived in your souls. You have lived with
lies about yourselves, lies about Me and My character, lies about My plans for your lives. The ache has been fed night and
day by the lies that have lived in your hearts.

My People, now is the time to come to Me, facedown and contend even more than ever before. Contend for the revelation of
My heart for you. Contend! Contend! Contend! I allow the contending in your life to build character, hunger and thirst for more
of Me.

Oh the glorious joy and peace you shall have when your eyes are truly opened. The more you spend time in My presence My
People the more your eyes will open. Many of you have had trouble loving those around you that have cursed you, hurt you,
and stabbed you in the back because you have not truly experienced the deep love and forgiveness of My heart for you. As
you come to Me and see and experience My love for you, you will see the brokenness of those who hurt you, you will view
them through My eyes and out of the revelation of My love and forgiveness for you, you will release them.

There are SO many within My Church today that do not know My love. They have not had an encounter with My heart and how
grieved My heart is for that. I long to pour the revelation of the everlasting love I have for them into their lives.

Come to Me. Come and dine at My table, delight in My Word, and you will be released. A divine, fresh encounter of My love is
sweeping over those right now who desire and hunger to receive. The transformation will be so glorious that what man could
not do will be done by My Spirit through this revelation. What many have worked hours and days, months and years for in their
own strength will be accomplished in the swift move of My Spirit and revelation of My love.

I am coming back for a bride that is LOVESICK; Lovesick for their Maker. Repent for unbelief, repent for deception, repent for
believing lies and open your hearts again to truly see My heart and what I think of you My People.

Those that hear My call will walk into a deeper level of intimacy and revelation they have not known before and transformation
will literally occur for many overnight. Testimonies will erupt, workplaces, schools, churches, homes, universities, suburbs,
nations will be changed by the testimony and radical transformation of those who have been walking with Me for years and are
radically transformed in the blink of an eye.

I am waiting My Church; I am calling out My People.....

...Come up here...

Let Me show you great and marvellous things you HAVE NOT yet seen!

Lana Vawser
Mannaseh Christian Ministries
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