Hello friends!

I urge you to check out a prophecy I gave some time ago, America's Economy (February 20, 2008). (It is on my website,
on the PROPHECIES page.) I have been receiving emails as to apparent fulfillments of this word, as well as questions and recommended
responses. I have even received notice the word was being discussed in major churches. Friends, spiritually intuit the times we are in. Hear what
the Lord is communicating. Make changes, adjustments, and preparations. Love you all.    

What does repositioning mean?

To understand reposition, we gotta understand position. Position means "the manner in which a person is placed, arranged, set, or situated". I
like the word "situated". Our position, then, in a certain area of life refers to how we are situated in that particular area. For example, a person can
be poorly positioned in their relationships. This could mean they are relating to others from a place of baggage and crookedness, or, it might
mean they are in relationship with harmful and toxic people, or, it might mean they are not keeping in step with the Spirit who is trying to evolve their
existing relationships. On the other hand, a person might be correctly positioned relationally by having repositioned  themselves (adjusted and
re-situated) correctly in the above scenarios.
Our journey with God will require ongoing repositioning. Part of this is because God must rearrange our incorrect life arrangements,
arrangements He did not inspire or initiate. This is the sanctification or transformation process whereby we are gradually being conformed to
Christlikeness in every area. Another reason is because of our destiny's multi-dimensionality. Our calling possesses different features and
depths, and therefore, requires our ongoing repositioning to successfully actualize these dimensions.
Though our entire lives will be marked by repositionings, there are key seasons where God initiates major, high importance repositionings that
have significant consequence potential. These are landmark seasons in our life and calling, personally and corporately, and are more crucial to
recognize than the typical repositionings we continuously experience simply by being a Christian.

5 Months of Repositionings

Beginning in November and spanning an approximate 5-month season, significant portions of the American church and Spirit-targeted individuals
will be divinely-initiated to reposition themselves in high importance ways. The Lord is sending this word because of the consequence of this
5-month window, how it will reset hinge areas for the future. The Lord calls from heaven for us to hear and see. Hear Him!  

Summer of 2009

Many of these repositionings will have relevance for the summer of 2009. Many that do and do not adjust faithfully will reap in the summer.    

Why now?

Soul-winning in 2009
 In 2009, many unsaved friends, family members, and people in general will look to Christians nearby for solutions.
Some will do this for the first time ever. Even some that have mocked or hated Christians will have unusual and unexpected mind-changes. For
many of us, God will be resetting our lives in ways that will produce great victories and desirable circumstances, perfuming us with an attractive
fragrance to these 2009-seekers.  
Protection  2009 will see difficult days in certain aspects of America. Isaiah 3:10,11 and Psalm 37:18,19 have glorious assurances, though, for
the truly faithful Christians: Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds. Woe to the wicked! Disaster is upon
them! They will be paid back for what their hands have done...The days of the blameless are known to the LORD, and their inheritance will endure
forever. In times of disaster they will not wither; in days of famine they will enjoy plenty.
In 2009 and immediately beyond, Christians will flourish significantly or struggle significantly to the degree they are properly positioned in each
area of their life. Of course, this principle is true always. However, as already mentioned, there are situations and seasons where proper
positioning has much greater consequence, for better or worse. 2009 and immediately beyond is such a time. Faithful adjustment in the next
several months will result in supernatural protection, provision, prosperity, and power thereafter.
Oh Christians, hear the words falling from the Lord! Listen and shift in a time of shifting, and be covered in the day of sifting! Be abundant in the
day of scarcity! Be powerful in the day of weakness! Choose the choice of the Lord!  

Types of repositionings

Every prophetic message aimed at a corporate audience will be applied differently by different people. Therefore, you (your family, your church, your
organization, etc...) must attain from the Spirit what your particular application(s) must be. Here are some biggies I know the Lord will be
highlighting. Remember, we do not need to enter the coming seasons as perfect people, only repositioned people in the areas God illuminates to
us. Do not be overwhelmed or anxious, simply keep in step with Him as He walks you through your unique adjustments.          
Spiritual repositioning  Some (I'm sure many) will be led to reposition spiritually. This means key adjustments need to be made in their
relationship with God. Some have been prioritizing ministry and giftedness over intimacy with God, like Martha (Lk 10:38-42) and the Corinthian
church. Ministry will not bring the supernatural favor or deliverance that intimacy will, as Psalm 91 emphasizes. Some individuals, ministries, and
churches will be led to adjust their priorities and procedures to circulate everything around intimacy with Him.  
Some have been prioritizing good behavior and "godliness" over intimacy with God. The  Ephesian church had a "Godliness Resume" more
impressive than many of our churches today, yet Jesus called them backslidden-fallen from a great height-for abandoning intimacy with Him (Rev
2:1-5)! Goodness and "godliness" without intimacy will not bring the necessary divine favor or deliverance for the coming seasons. Remember
Psalm 91!
These are among the most common misarrangements Christians and Christian groups have in their spirituality. If the Lord grips your heart
concerning one of these, make the adjustment!   
Emotional repositioning  Some will be led to reposition emotionally. This means key adjustments need to be made in their emotional life.
Some are emotionally set in shame and need to be reset in innocence. Some are set in a stained feeling and need to be reset in a pure feeling.
Some are set in fear and need to be reset in confidence. Some are set in habitual feelings of frustration and need to be reset in feelings of
progress and momentum. Some are set in rejection and need to be reset in acceptance. Some are set in invalidation and low self-esteem and
need to be reset in value and worth. Some are set in depression and need to be reset in joy. Some are set in aggression and need to be reset in
kindness. Some are set in ongoing feelings of confusion and need to be reset in feelings of clarity. Some are set in powerlessness and need to
be reset in felt power and capability. Some are set in abandonment and need to be reset in "cared for". Some are set in hopelessness and need
to be reset in hope.
Do not get overwhelmed by this list. We are all maturing emotionally into Christlike emotions. Simply ask and wait for the Spirit to illuminate the
emotional cross-over He wants you make, then go from there. Psalm 147:2,3: The LORD builds up Jerusalem; he gathers the exiles of Israel. He
heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
Our current emotional settings CANNOT go with many of us into the coming seasons. Throbbing and negative emotions can lead us to
misinterpret the Spirit's leading, make foolish decisions, stray doctrinally, and link up with inappropriate or unhelpful people. Some ministries and
churches will be led to create more emotional restoration opportunities, in the pulpit or in procedure.    
Intellectual repositioning  Some will be led to reposition intellectually. This means key adjustments need to be made in their opinions and
logic. The possibilities here are endless, so I'll be general. For some, your opinions (about whatever) will be the death of you. Change now! Good
and bad things will happen, and both will be magnified in coming days, but only the Christian who has adequately repositioned himself in his
mind will be able to detect the supernatural interpretation of such things. Romans 12:2 and 1Corinthians 2:10-16 are phenomenal passages
concerning this. Remember, revelation comes from the Spirit/our spirit into our mind-the Spirit of wisdom and revelation enlightens our
understanding (Eph 1:17,18 NKJV). Therefore, our mind must be prepared and positioned so that incoming revelation is not bypassed or
discarded as a meaningless thought or imaginative residue or demonic suggestion. The Christian's logic must be entirely Scriptural  and spiritual.
Again, do not be overwhelmed. You do not need a perfect mind going into the coming seasons, only a repositioned mind in the opinion(s) God
brings to your attention. Ask and wait with all willingness, then jump the fence and cross over to the other perspective when He shows you.    
Doctrinal repositioning  This is related to the previous section, though it is more specific. Some will be led to reposition doctrinally. This
means key adjustments need to be made in what they believe (and therefore, practice) about certain biblical subjects. Incorrect, partial, or
watered-down doctrines on certain subjects will prove costly in the coming seasons. God knows this, and is illuminating His
cross-denominational church with greater understanding of biblical truth.
This is not a denominational thing, or a "movement" thing-this is a Bible thing. The Spirit will be repositioning many Christians' doctrinal settings
so that it will favor and deliver them in time to come, not trap and trip them. Some "Church of Christ" or "Charismatics" might become more
"Presbyterian" or "Methodist", while some "Baptists" or "Catholics" might become more "nondenominational" or "Charismatic" or "Church of
Christ". And vice versa and on and on.  
The Head of the body is converging and integrating the faithful, Bible-believing, Spirit-led body parts for the coming seasons and final seasons.
The God of heaven and earth could not care any less about our man-made, man-centered, man-glorifying denominations. He cares about His
Name, His Bible, His kingdom, and saving sinners, and whoever else cares about these things will find themselves in one and the same mighty
rushing River! So be humble and compliant to whatever doctrinal adjustments the Spirit convicts you to make. It might just save your neck and
bless your family in ways you could never foresee.
Relational repositioning  Some will be led to reposition relationally. This means key adjustments need to be made in their relationships and
social life. Some will be led to sift or redefine their inner circle, or closest relationships. Some will be led to sift or redefine their outer circle, or
social affiliations. Some will be led to adjust specific relational patterns that are crooked and unhealthy. Some will be led to distance or cut off
completely from toxic people. Some will be led to restore or intensely cultivate certain connections. Some ministries and churches will be led to
rearrange their networks, partnerships, or financial supports.  
Relationships are always huge, but they will be even huger in coming seasons. It is not only about avoiding toxic people, or not overinvesting in
unhelpful or unfruitful individuals/groups, it is also about recognizing the "keyholders" and "hand-ups" that God sends. If He touches your heart
concerning relationships, adjust whatever He points to.  
Ecclesial repositioning  Some will be led to reposition ecclesially (church and church-related). This means key adjustments need to be
made in the area of church. Some might need to leave their present congregation, for positive or negative reasons. Some might need to reposition
themselves where they are at (new place of service, new small group, more/less responsibility, more/less time investment, different ministry style,
etc...). Some might need to plant themselves, and I mean truly connect and invest, in a solid Bible-based fellowship.  
This section is closely related to the previous one. Our relationship with Christians can and
will make or break us. Ongoing isolation and separation from God's people is considered a divine punishment (Num 15:30,31, 1Co 5:1-3,11-13),
even demonic (Mk 5:2,3). On the other hand, much-needed favor and deliverance also comes through His people (Ps 20:2, 101:6, Jas 5:14-16).
Vocational repositioning  Some will be led to reposition vocationally. This means key adjustments need to be made in their job and career.
Some will be touched to change jobs completely, while others will be led to simply change their emphasis or responsibilities in their existing job.
Some will be moved to work more (jobs or hours), some to work less. Whatever the adjustment, God will be touching many to take small or
gigantic steps toward their life calling, to move more and more into work that satisfies their unique design (Ps 139:13-16 NKJV).
The Spirit will touch some ministries and churches to better synchronize their workers' responsibilities with their unique design. Leadership
structures will be reorganized and reset. Some leaders will be added, some released. Follow the Spirit repositioning your organization's
personnel and task distribution.

Be sure and check out my prophecy-only site at
WWW.JDMPROPHECY.COM. It is still in progress, yet many have found it very helpful in their

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