Dear Friends:

                        If you need breakthrough in any area of your life (and I think we all do),I want to encourage you to follow           
                         these 3-day fast "patterns" that the Lord has given through Chuck Pierce.  I have plunged right into the             
                         first one and had tremendous revelatory experiences right from day one.  Currently I am in the middle of           
                         day 2 of the second one and it has taken me into a brand new level of the glory!  Go for it and you will               
                         experience victory in the glory!

Chuck Pierce: "FORGIVENESS! Breaking Open the New Day. Three Days at a Time!"
By Chuck Pierce
Jul 16, 2008

Dear Friends:

This is a time to seek the Lord. The last two days I have really pondered how to get us to the next place in Him and "Break
Open Our New Day." This morning when I got up, it was very clear. Let's seek Him three days at a time until we get to the place
where we are seeing the Spirit of God.

Present Ourselves Holy to the Lord

I saw this principle in Joshua 3:2-5, where God told Joshua, "So it was, after three days, that the officers went through the
camp; and they commanded the people, saying, 'When you see the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord your God, and the
priests, the Levites, bearing it, then you shall set out from your place and go after it. Yet there shall be a space between you
and it, about two thousand cubits by measure. Do not come near it, that you may know the way by which you must go, for you
have not passed this way before.' And Joshua said to the people, 'Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders
among you.'"

The way the presence of God will manifest in days ahead is different than any way we have experienced Him in the past. The
same situation was occurring here. The people and the leaders had been led by a cloud during the day and pillar of fire by
night. Now they had to have the Ark of His Presence lead them in a new way.

The Ark had to go before them. They could not move until they could see the Ark moving first. To do that, they had to divorce
themselves from things that were unclean, that had become familiar issues that had veiled their eyes, and they had to present
themselves holy to the Lord.

What these next several days represent is just what I have described. If we do this, then we will get to the place where we SEE
His GLORY breaking forth before us.

A friend of mine came to be with us during the Fourth of July weekend. She had been struggling with an issue in her life. She
shared with me something that a prophetess once said to her: "Humble yourself. Empty yourself. Should you fail here, there
will be no outpouring, no anointing."

I watched her humble herself and deal with the situation. I feel this is our first step in many areas. Therefore, let's begin these
three days with understanding the power of forgiveness.

Asking For Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the key to seeing our life change, prosper and advance. This act of faith can be the most difficult for us to
accomplish. The root of lack of forgiveness is usually rooted in fear and control and results in a hardness of heart. This also
allows iniquity to enter through the door that the Lord has built for all of our future blessings (Genesis 4).

Ask the Lord to give you a picture of you humbling yourself and giving your humility to someone else. Picture yourself
worshiping God in total submission and then extending His heart to someone else that you do not deem worthy of receiving His

Mordecai Silver of Tree of Life Ministries says the following: "Mentally see yourself approaching someone and saying, 'I am
sorry that I caused you pain. Please forgive me.' Rerun this picture in your mind over and over again. Feel a sense of strength
and release at being able to do this. Each time you ask for forgiveness and find it difficult, you are building up your inner
resource of courage."

And then there is the situation of those people in your life who have hurt or wronged you in some way, to whom you really do
not feel led to extend forgiveness. Nor do you even feel that they are worthy to receive your forgiveness.

Remember Him. He just set His face like a flint, made it to Jerusalem, suffered the abuse for you and me, pleased the Father,
and died for all of us to receive the opportunity to see the Father's love. He surprised the devil through His submission.

This gave Him the power to rise above death, hell, the grave, and impart to us the same ability to rise above any strategy of
death, hell and the grave. His same Spirit can now live in us and give us the power to overcome. However, extending
forgiveness is key to this power.

Jesus commanded us to forgive. He then breathed on us and imparted to us the authority to represent Him and forgive (John
20). This is the real issue of being apostolic. Those who lead in days ahead will be those who give others the opportunity to
receive the Father's love.

Let Him touch your heart in a new way and separate out anything that would hinder you from experiencing His love and power.
See a new day breaking in your life.

Three Days of Prayer

Day 1: Read Matthew 5:38-6:15. Pray the Lord's Prayer in a way that you have never prayed it before. Memorize this prayer.

Day 2: Read Matthew 7:1-12, Joshua 3, Isaiah 57:14-21. Write a definition of what humility means to you.

Sing a new song:
I will humble myself in Your sight
I will submit myself fully to You
Embrace me, empower me, and make me new
Let me resist my foe so I can see my path
And hear you say "Go."
Here I am Lord; I am ready to go!

Day 3: Read Matthew 8:1-4, Luke 17:11-19. Stop and ask the Lord, "Which leper am I? The worshiping leper? The healed
leper? Or the whole leper?" Then meditate on John 20.

Let Him breathe on you in a new way.


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries

By Chuck Pierce
Jul 21, 2008

From the desk of Steve Shultz:

Lately there have been a number of prophetic words concerning California, especially as it relates to judgment. Our stance
has always been to pray into the mercies of God based on Micah 6:8, "To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with
your God."

I've sought the counsel of a number of prophetic voices who write for the ElijahList and who also act as our advisors. This
short counsel by Chuck Pierce seems to best sum up the advice I'm receiving. Here's what Chuck says:

"Dear Steve,

I'm sending you a prayer focus for the next 3 days. When you introduce the focus, write the people and say you are getting
several words sent to you about California, particularly San Francisco and Los Angeles. Tell them to start praying that a move
of God will break out in California - that will CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE. - Chuck Pierce"

Chuck Pierce:
"3 DAYS to FAN the GLORY that Dwells in You!"
Note: Be sure to see Chuck Pierce's comments on California prophecy in Steve's intro above.

Dear Changing Intercessors and Saints:

We are getting so many wonderful comments from the 3-Day Prayer Focus (click here to view). These three days will be linked
with a new sound being released, causing a new glory to break forth in you. Enjoy and enter in! The River is Rising!

Word of the Lord

I recently heard the Lord say the following:

"There is a song within you that I have placed from the beginning. Now is the time for that song to come forth.

"These are days of deliverance for My people. I will deliver you from those strategies that would stop your new beginning.
Many of the strategies are within your soul. I am preparing a people that will wear redemption, joy and power into the future. I
am preparing a people filled with My glory.

"My name rests within you and now is the time for My name to come alive within your inner being. I am ready to burn away that
which has profaned My name within you. I am ready for My glory to be seen upon My people.

"Your song is important. Your sound will create new moves within the earth. So let the sound within you come forth. THE
SHOUT OF THE KING must come forth in you at this time. Worry not how you sound, but SHOUT THE KINGLY SHOUT that
dwells deep down in your inner being.

"MY SHOUT will break the soulish power that is resisting your change. This will cause a flow of My Spirit to rise within you and
the gifts that have been quenched will come alive again. My gifts create joy.

"Your sound can uncover what the enemy is withholding and hiding from you. Your sound will cause the River of Revelation in
you to be released. If you will allow Me to fill your heart with joy, you will be able to hear the Word I have for you.

"I AM bringing a new Word very near to you that will give you the strength you need to press through into your next contract,
into the next business level, into the next level of favor. This is a Word that will cause you to secure your next portion. Sound
uncovers what the enemy has covered.

"This is a day of fanning the glory in your blood and not just trying to dissect and remove the iniquity that has resisted My
Word. If you'll fan the glory it will push out the iniquity that has twisted your bloodline and caused you to miss opportunities in
the past.

"If you will fan the glory you will hear My counsel! You have a glory that I have placed within you that will begin to move! Your
heart will rejoice, and you will have strength to embrace the Word I'm trying to bring to you.

"You are trying to hear Me without having the movement of My glory in your blood. You must hear Me NOW, but the Word I will
speak will bring many changes to your life.

"My threshing sledge is coming to winnow and remove old iniquitous structures that have caused you to resist harvest
increase. Don't fear the separating power that I am bringing upon your life. The song of glory in you has been blocked, but I
AM sending a wind of release.

"Your blood has been moving slowly, but now your blood will sing a song of deliverance. Your blood and glory is awakening
and will sing a new song. Hear My Word, for it is very close to you! Tell your flesh to rest in hope because your blood is waking
up to MY will.

"My Word is filled with fire and will burn out the passivity that has resisted My movement in you. You will win the war over your
flesh and wake up the glory in your blood. This will cause your flesh to rest in hope.

"I have yet to reveal to you the breaking forth of your entry way. My shout will work inside of you. Do not put your eyes on men
or circumstances around you.

"Let My shout do its work until it comes into the atmosphere that encircles and surrounds you. Once My shout enters the
atmosphere, you will start seeing the breaking of the new day."

3-Day Prayer Focus

Day 1: Read Ezekiel 28; Isaiah 14; Zechariah 3 and 4. Ask the Lord to show you what wealth has been hidden from you by the
enemy. Ask the Lord to reveal the sound of deliverance that is within you! Hear the Lord rise up on your behalf and tell the
enemy, "Enough is enough!"

Make a list of every hindrance and obstacle in your path. Shout GRACE "eight times" to each blockage. Declare you will see
your portion that has been hidden!

Day 2: Read Psalm 16, Isaiah 60, Ephesians 4:25-5:21. Fan your glory until you sense the Lord rising in you in a new way. Do
this by taking off anger! Do this by breaking procrastination! Do this by looking in the mirror and encouraging yourself
spiritually. Look beyond the outer reflection. Do this by singing a new spiritual song! Put on a new glory!

Memorize two key Scriptures from the passage in Ephesians. Ask the Lord to show you the new portion He has for you.

Day 3: Read Numbers 23, especially verse 21. Notice how the enemy wishes to curse you, but the shout within you causes
even the enemy to bless you. Shout "seven times" against false altars that have been built against your life and watch the
blessings of the Lord open up over you. Read Matthew 21, Mark 11:10, John 12:13.

Know that the Lord is going before you to deliver you! Sing Hosanna to the Lord!


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries

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