The tribe of Issachar was known to be sensitive to discern the times and the seasons.

This is a time of heightened sensitivity to discern what the Spirit of the Lord wants to show us.

June 8th is the Jewish celebration of Shavuot, in memory of the giving of the Torah from Mount Sinai in their harvest season.  It
is also the celebration of Christians of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at this time (this year celebrated on Sunday, June 12th),
which brought forth a glorious spiritual harvest of souls, described in the Book of Acts.

Spiritually discerned and allegorically applied, this is a time to be positioned on top of Mount Zion (symbolical of His Presence)
both to receive divine strategy and instructions for more effectiveness in the Kingdom and to be ready and expectant to receive
a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit to do the works that God has pre-ordained for us to walk in.  


While in worship, the Holy Spirit showed me that keys of revelation are being released now for those who are positioned to
receive it on the mountaintop.  These keys, when applied according to His instructions, will be vital tools for opening up new
passageways into your next season.  


The Lord is going to breathe on “old” dead wombs (like that of Sarah) and is waiting for us to catch His vision to bring forth our
seemingly impossible prophecies in this time frame. The “dead bones” will live again and become a mighty army for the Lord.   

Prophetic Words that have been lying dormant for a long time are going to be breathed upon by the Holy Spirit and come to a
sudden quickening and the finances will accompany His call to accomplish His purposes.  Glory to God! So prophesy to the
Spirit and into the spirit realm and His Word will not return to Him void.

Do not miss your opportunity for breakthrough by neglect or busyness.  Listen intently for His voice and do not miss what He is
saying through analytical reasoning. Treasure the revelations of His plans to you, study it out, meditate on it as heavenly
treasures and call it forth “just as though it were” by visibly putting yourself in the future experience of it until it manifests!  This
is a major key in itself. Use it and you will stand astounded!


Be fine-tuned not only to hear, but also to implement His instructions by the Spirit of wisdom and understanding.  It is an
opportune time to step out of previous restrictions into wider horizons – by faith and break through into His supernatural riches
in glory.  God’s plans for you will unfold at an accelerated pace to establish His Kingdom of glory in the earth as you come into
agreement with it by faith and release kingdom decrees into the airways.

Be prepared to be shifted into a new paradigm and a new dimension of wisdom and understanding.

Where the Word and the Spirit merge, revelation is poured out like a flood for those who have ears to hear, who are thirsty and
willing (Rev. 22:17)  

Be expectant for an ingathering of souls in your family, church, city, region and nation and be made ready to be part of God’s
end-time move that is about to sweep the globe.  IT IS HARVEST TIME!


Heavenly Father, we ask in Jesus’ Name: Make us vessels through which Your light will shine so brightly by Your Presence, that
all men can be drawn unto Jesus.  Lord Jesus, baptize us afresh with Your Holy Spirit in a fresh empowering of fire!  Pour out
Your Spirit upon our children. Let us dream dreams and see visions in fresh revelation and empower us to fulfill the Great
Commission with signs and wonders following - while there is yet time. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Be sure to read the powerful visions, dreams and prophetic words in the 5th issue of our Prophetic e-gazine, "Eagle's Wings".

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Prophetic Words and Visions
by Elsabe Briers
Prophetic Words and Visions
by Elsabe Briers
Agape Life Ministries, Inc.
Agape Life Ministries, Inc.
June 9, 2011
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