Lately the Lord has been talking to me much about the Samaritan’s heart of compassion and I had much to repent of.   We
haven’t truly given of ourselves if our heart was not moved with compassion, ministering Jesus' love to people.  Are we truly
mixing the oil and the wine with agape or are we only making a noise? (1 Cor. 13:1)

It will usually be accompanied with “going out of your way”…2nd mile-stuff….and “not loving your life unto the death” …. One of
the ingredients of an overcomer (Rev.12:11) and part of the bridal outfit.   And isn’t this pure worship……?

Jesus' question was interesting: "Which one of the three (Priest, Levite or Samaritan) was neighbor  (remember "love your
neigbor as yourself") unto him who fell among thieves?"  The answer was, "He who had mercy on him" and Jesus said, "Go and
do thee likewise!"

Mercy: 1656 eleos el'-eh-os: compassion (human or divine, especially active):--(+ tender) mercy.

Compassion:  4697 splagchnizomai splangkh-nid'-zom-ahee ; to have the bowels yearn, i.e. (figuratively) feel sympathy, to pity:
--have (be moved with) compassion - inward affection and tender mercies.

I heard the Holy Spirit saying "I am going to raise up many Samaritans in the days to come, for I desire mercy, and not sacrifice;
and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings".

I believe it will be those whose hearts have been broken in humility and filled with compassionate love because they themselves
have experiential knowledge of the compassion and mercy of the Lord on them.

Oh yes and also: their left hands will know nothing about the doings of the right hand...........they won't hang it on the big brassy
bell!   === (secrets  with the Lord????)

When crisis or calamity strikes, those who have a history with God will overcome.  That is the time when we remember Him in His
ways and rejoice in the many testimonies of His goodness and mercy that endureth forever!  Then we can move in the strength
of His power and might to enforce the Kingdom with compassionate love and mercy.

Mark 6:34/Luke 10:33-37/Matt. 9:22/ Matt.14:14/Matt.18:47/Mark 1:41/1 Cor. 13

Prayer:  Oh Father, break the stony, selfish, prideful areas in my heart and transform me Holy Spirit to be like Jesus - ready to
be poured out as a love-offering to You.  Let Your consuming love-fire have its way in me to devour every trace of "self " as I
surrender it to You -  empowering me with AGAPE that brings LIFE - in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Blessings of compassion and mercy on you

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Prophetic Words and Visions
by Elsabe Briers
Prophetic Words and Visions
by Elsabe Briers
Agape Life Ministries, Inc.
Agape Life Ministries, Inc.
May 1, 2011
The Samaritan's Heart