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Date:                June 26, 2008                                      
Message:        Unstopping Your Well

(Gen 26:18) "And Isaac digged again the wells of water, which they had digged in the days of Abraham his father; for the
Philistines had stopped them after the death of Abraham: and he called their names after the names by which his father had
called them."

God is Creator of the universe and I believe that He has put something of His creative nature in each of us.  This doesn’t
necessarily mean art as such, but anything made from nothing with the breath of Holy Spirit on it.
It is an old adage that the cemetery is one of the richest places on earth – rich in dreams, gifts and creative ideas that never
came to manifestation.  You also might have something slumbering on the inside that needs expression, and since I believe
that we should live to our full potential, I would like to encourage you to look into your inner being, finding some of the “who you
are” that has never found expression.   Maybe there is a book inside of you! Now don’t procrastinate any longer, just start out
and ask Him to direct your pen!  

Maybe you have played an instrument at some time but left it off and now you feel that you will never be good enough again.  
This is part of the Philistine's attempts to stop you from flowing in your gifts.  Just make a decision and start again and you will
be surprised at what God will do for you if you put your trust in Him!

You might have had some half-hearted attempts at this before and the enemy has told you that you are not able to do any of it.  
Maybe you feel that it is too late, but I have good news for you:  God is pouring out His glory all over the earth and bringing
restoration to all our dreams and dead visions.  Just agree with His desires that He has put in you and ask Him to revive your
gifts and talents.  Stir up that gift inside of you and unstop the well of disappointment or rejection.  Throw our the stones that
have stopped up your well and let the living water flow again.  Decide to use your gifts for His glory and offer it up to Him as a
fragrance of worship!

At this point I would like to give you a mighty testimony of what God wants to do for you if you would trust Him and step out in
faith.  I always admired artists and even dabbled a little in watercolors, but never thought that I had the ability to do any work of
art, seeing that I had no training.  But still it was a desire on the inside of me and one day a Prophet came by and prophesied
that God would give me the ability if I would step out and just start to paint.   So I did, and because of my dependence on Him, I
simply asked Him to help me and there it was.  He even sent artists along my path to help me with the practical know-how and
to encourage me and today I find great joy in painting and expressing what Holy Spirit puts in my heart, while giving Him all the
glory for His grace that is so easily available.

By the anointing of Holy Spirit, I pray that He will awaken those creative gifts that are lying dormant within you and I pray that
Holy Spirit would breathe upon you now and stir up your spirit to step out and just start doing that which you have only dreamed
about doing one day!  Take the first step and write back in response to that stirring on your inside.  Take up a brush and paint,
or a pencil to draw or take your camera and find something beautiful to photograph, or start a garden patch, but make the
decision to become co-creative with Holy Spirit!  If you have lost your vision and stepped out of your calling, it is not too late.   
Simply take it up again and ask the Lord to empower you to fulfill your destiny with all the beautiful gifts and anointings that
accompany it.  And yes, let me know about it!  It is reason for rejoicing!
Life is a journey to enjoy while expressing all that God has put on the inside of us for His Glory!   So grab the moment and be

Now watch the video and see how Isaac progressed to fullness and took possession of the land, reaping hundred fold in a
time of famine because he pressed in to his inheritance.
by Elsabe Briers
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