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Date:                 September 2007             
Message:         Be Positioned For The Glory

We are finishing off a seven year cycle and entering into the new Habraic Year of 5768 on September 13th, "The year of the full
circle of Life".  The number 8 stands for a new beginning and now is the time to be positioned for the next realm of His glory.

It is a time to finish off the previous cycle in victory, making sure that we have totally embraced the cross, for that is the only
place where full victory is obtained over the world, the flesh, sin and self. Remember, the way you go out of the old,
determines the way you enter into the new.  Deal with the old through repentance, forgiveness, the washing of the Blood of the
Lamb and the healing power of the Holy Spirit, so that the old waste places in our lives be redeemed for new life  to sprout
forth.  Also make sure that you have fully embraced His Word for your destiny and take dominion against every opposing force.

This is also a time of acceleration where we have to stay mobile in the "move" of the cloud.  There can be no encumbrances if
you want to be propelled into the new.  The "hotline" of communication for orders is still found in the secret place, which is the
launch pad for God's secret agents into the places where the Kingdom has to be established.

Much time needs to be spent in His Presence to be so immersed in the Spirit that you are totally tuned to His heart beat. This
period of transitioning into the new season is an excellent opportunity for fasting (21 days for a fresh anointing, culminating in
Yom Kippur, which falls on September 22nd, and the time when the New Year actually takes off).  We need to be finely tuned
by much praying in the Spirit while we stay in the attitude of worship.  Here we will receive clear instructions for the next
season, taking dominion over every negative mindset by knowing our position IN CHRIST to be able to instantly advance on
Kingdom Orders for His glory to be poured out anywhere He sends us.

Position yourself in a place of childlike trust and dependence, just following where He leads and you will fulfill your destiny in
Christ Jesus in victory!
by Elsabe Briers
Agape Life Ministries, Inc
Po Box 49147
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240
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