Date:               February 7, 2008
Message:        Discerning The Times and The Seasons

“ … the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do
(1 Chronicles 12:32) - KJV

As I was watching the wind and the rain moving through the leafless trees recently, the Lord spoke to me about His
seasons and dealings with men.  

This is a time to be sensitive in understanding the season that God has you in.  Many have recently been shifted and moved
out of the old, but not yet into the new, finding themselves in a place of transition.  It has been a season of pruning off the
old dead branches and the wild shoots of own incentives and finishing off old cycles.  Now the root system has to go in
deeper into His Love, well-watered by the Word and the river of the Spirit to strengthen your foundation for the higher
dimension that lies ahead!  Go up higher now in worship and let the strong North wind of the Spirit blow off the old leaves
and the rain storms wash your stems, clean you up and water your roots!  Then, let “
the Sun of righteousness arise with
healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.
”  (Mal 4:2)  

This is preparation for the budding forth of new blooms and new fruitfulness.  Do not miss what God
is doing in the “now” by being fretful and impatient, trying to work out the future by your own strength.  
Go into His rest in deep communion and let Him have His way in you, stripping you of the old to clothe
you with Himself in a fresh, new anointing for His greater glory to come forth in you and through you.
There are things that have been lying dormant in you that will come forth in the next season, even in
surprising new shoots of fruitfulness.  So rejoice in His wisdom, listening intently to receive His new
strategies in the secret place and then flow with it in full assurance of faith that it will bring forth much
fruit in His season!

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by Elsabe Briers
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