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Date:                September, 2007
Message:         Breakthrough and Shift into the Greater Glory

The “now” Word for the hour, is “Breakthrough” and “Shift”!  The glory cloud is moving on and we have to
leave the old behind in order to embrace the new.  As we ascend in worship, the heavens are opened over
us, pouring down the treasures of revelation of His glory for this hour that have been stored up for those
who will seek His face.     
God is waiting to lead us into new arenas and realms of His glory in and by the Spirit, but His ways in this
new season are different than before.  Remember that His ways are not our ways, so don’t resist that which
you are not familiar with, for you might miss His move!  Be watchful, be alert and yield to the Holy Spirit in
obedience and in faith.  Your promises are at hand! The fulfillment of your prophecies are at hand! Listen
for the sound in the mulberry bush and go in to possess your land without fear or wavering.

Yes, there are giants in the land, ready to intimidate you, but He will give you the strategy and the timing to
overcome as you listen in worship. The moment you hear the sound of His command, go!  Do not reason or
procrastinate, just do what He tells you!

Join the army of worship warriors and run with the vision and revelation of His glory, taking the Kingdom by
storm with the victory song and dispense His glory in the greater works as you go, giving Him all the glory!
Finally, open the gates and let the King of Glory invade every facet of your life, ministry and mindset with His
Kingdom; His will being done and His Name be glorified!

Num 14:21        “
But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD.
by Elsabe Briers
Agape Life Ministries, Inc
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