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by Elsabe Briers
Date:               January 1, 2008
Message:        Beholding Him and Listening for His Voice.

“Stay IN Me, focusing on ME IN THE GLORY and you will know by My instruction where to go and what to
do (and what to say):  I LEAD you and GUIDE you in the glory of My Presence, not in the fleshly realm, so
STAY OUT OF IT with your mind and your mouth.  Focus on Me and listen for My voice in the GLORY,

This Word sums up the activity of the renewed mind.  It is very simple:  just abide IN CHRIST.  Focus is a
“key” word.  It implies discipline and resolve!  Yes, I WILL take every thought captive in obedience to Christ
alone and subdue my mind from its wanderings and bring it to order to look on the Christ alone. It is my
choice alone – the choice for Life!

Acts 2:25
I foresaw the Lord always before my face, for he is on my right hand, that I should not be moved” KJV

It is when my eyes are focused on Him alone (not on my circumstances and the people around me) that I
receive the clear instruction and guidance of my Shepherd.  He leads me to the still waters of peace where
I can graze on green pastures of life in the glory of His Presence.   Pass over from the flesh to the Spirit-life
and speak HIS WORD ONLY!

It is imperative to position yourself in intimate Worship to receive His instructions in His Presence to be sure-
footed while you walk out that Word in simple obedience!  Cultivate a listening ear!

Constant worship will ensure His constant Presence and fill you up with the joy of the Lord, which
strengthens your faith continuously and gives you constant victory!   

In order to step into the “New Beginnings”, we need to finish off with the old.  It is imperative to let go of all
negative mindsets and be cleansed of all the “dark spots” of negative thinking, by the washing of the Blood.
Position yourself with a renewed mind and a joyful expectancy for the new things God has predestined for
us to walk in.  Get freshly anointed with new oil of joy in His Presence while you worship Him extravagantly,
LISTENING INTENTLY for His Voice!  Amen and amen!
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