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Date:                July 22nd, 2007            
Message:         Vision of an Angel with a Fiery Coal

While in worship I had a vision of an angel with tongs, holding a fiery coal.  He was asking, “Will you accept
the fire to cleanse your tongue and will you receive it in your belly to be put on fire for souls?”  The way he
was posing the question was as though he was commissioned to offer this remedy to those who were
making themselves available for the end-time harvest, as an act of grace from the Father, but the choice
was entirely up to the individual. (Is. 6)  The words of our mouth are the result of the thoughts of our heart.
Through the fire of His love, the Lord wants to cleanse our hearts from all defilement of the spirit and the
flesh unto the purity of holiness (2 Cor. 7:1). When we embrace the fire and choose to lay down the soul life
(our thoughts, will and emotions) on the cross, He purifies our character and fills our hearts with His divine
love.  Only in the life of “agape” love, through the Christ-life in us, can we come in union with Him, because
His essence is Love.  Then He puts us on fire with His love for souls and send us into the harvest as glory-
by Elsabe Briers
Agape Life Ministries, Inc
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