Sound of Glory Ministries
With Jennifer Underwood
Sound of Glory Ministries
With Jennifer Underwood
Agape Life Ministries, Inc
Agape Life Ministries, Inc
About Jennifer

Jennifer ministers in the prophetic under an open heaven with music and message. God has put
a prophetic anointing upon her violin whether she plays along spontaneously with a worship team
or soloist or over individuals one-on-one. Her violin in hand also plays a key role in ushering the
GLORY of God into groups both large and small. Formally a missionary teacher and violin
worshiper, she has served in South Korea, Canada, Dominican Republic, France, Hungary,
Switzerland and Scotland.

Her companion ministry as a seer brings encouragement and hope to leaders and regions where
the Lord calls her to go, here in the States, as well as to the nations.
Most recently, she has travelled throughout the Eastern US sharing her portion with the Body of
Christ in PA, OH, MD, NY, DC and VA, TN.  Also by invitation, in the past two years she has
ministered in France and on the island of Puerto Rico.

Jennifer is passionate about advancing the Kingdom of God in these days and times through
prophetic teaching, worship workshops and the revelatory gifts.  She brings the message of His
GLORY taking center stage and all things proceeding from it. Her heart is for the bride of Christ
to be ready and equipped for the return of her King, the King of Glory!!!

Jennifer resides in western PA and is engaged in full-time ministry. She is ordained with Antioch
International Ministries (AIM) out of New Wilmington, PA. She can be contacted via e-mail:

The Beautiful Mind of Christ

When I consider how Christ thought while He was on the earth, it is a staggering topic.  As I
pondered the subject, I realized that He must have had the most beautiful mind of any person who
ever lived.
Jesus Christ was spiritually minded, and therefore, life and peace were His (Rom. 8:6). This was
His uninterrupted lifestyle. His mind was not a battlefield because He always knew the will of God,
His Father. Possibly, His only struggle was to choose to be obedient.

Jesus Christ is our Savior which includes the Savior of our mind also.  He walked this earth with a
sound-mind, a totally perfected safe-thinking.
This denotes good judgment, healthy thought patterns, the ability to understand and make right
decisions, all of which includes self-control and self-discipline. He was sober-minded and in His
right mind, even in times of merriment or righteous anger. His mind was whole. He knew that the
natural mind could not understand or receive from the Holy Spirit because Spirit answers to spirit,
not Spirit to mind. Being both God and man, He focused on letting the Spirit interpret to Him as a
spiritual Person. This is fascinating to grasp when we acknowledge that He has given us His Holy
Spirit for the same purpose - to be able to have this same mind that He had while in a human
body with a human brain! He was the most beautiful thinker of all mankind!
Jesus had a beautiful thought life - I believe that He meditated on things that were true, pure,
noble, just, lovely, of good report, anything praiseworthy, and anything of virtue.  (Phil 4:8)
Finally, I see that His mind reflected the attitudes of His heart, the foremost being unprecedented
humility and servanthood. He was a simple thinker, uncomplicated and unthreatened in His
Let's take JOY in and access what is ours through the Savior of our mind.
I Cor 2:16   -   We have the mind of Christ
II Tim 1:7   -   God has given us a sound mind
Phil 2:5   -   Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus

PRAYER:  Lord Jesus, I align my mind with Your mind as You have promised through your Word.
You have given me full access to the same beautiful mind that You had while on this earth in your
humanity and that You still have in heaven. I appropriate the abilities that come from Your Holy
Spirit within me, to be functioning as You function in Your thinking.  I want Your mind. I desire to
grasp the deeper, higher, wider and longer portion that is mine in You, because You said that I
can have this in my thought life, my decisions, and my attitudes. I believe that I am a spiritual
being living in a natural body, but that I can function Spirit to spirit in cooperation with your
beautiful mind, the mind of Christ. I thank You for this today.
In Your Precious Name, I ask.  AMEN


Love in Him,   Jennifer
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