Arise and Shine the glory of the Lord!

“When you are saturated in the glory of God’s Presence (Zion) in worship, being “Presence” minded (thinking on things above – Col.3:1-3), His glory makes a way for you through every obstacle (going before you (Is.45:2/Micah 2:13), it is your rear-guard (Is.52:12/58:8) and the canopy (Is.4:5) of protection over you. It attracts God’s favor (andContinue reading Arise and Shine the glory of the Lord!

Being watchmen over our Minds

Thoughts are constantly shifting due to the input coming to our senses.  We have the responsibility to steward our thoughts well by the discipline of being watchmen and doorkeepers over our temples. The scenery is changing “on the go” with different people crossing our paths, carrying different contents. Be diligent to discard the static ofContinue reading Being watchmen over our Minds

Character Building in the Kingdom Culture

CHARACTER BUILDING IN THE KINGDOM CULTURE In the Kingdom culture there is a quality of character, sprouting from the Indwelling Holy Spirit, producing fruit that is identifiable as Christ-like. The gifts and calling of God is without repentance (Rom.11:29), but character is forged in the fire of trials and tribulations. How we handle the trialsContinue reading Character Building in the Kingdom Culture

Recording, Meditating and Journaling

In the Kingdom of God, His Word reigns supreme.  Isn’t it then of utmost importance that we position ourselves in unbroken communion to hear what He is saying and then record it?  Throughout history scribes were always present when kings spoke to their subjects and so particularly in the Old Testament, so let us askContinue reading Recording, Meditating and Journaling