My Utmost for His Highest – Oswald Chambers

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This is my favourite devotional, which has come with me through the years and has always been an inspiration to me, bringing me into better understanding of the deep things of God. It is full of dates and notes, reminding me of my journey and the faithfulness of God. Great reading and lost to meditate on!



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I am in love with my Bible – cannot get enough of it! In the past I tried to do Bible Reading Programs in order to read through the Bible in one year, but it just never worked for me, being like work you know? I usually got stuck in one section or on one topic. But I asked the Lord and, as always, He gave me the perfect way. I just open anywhere I am led to go and start reading; then mark the chapter or section with a check mark. This way I can see what I have read already (and sometimes reread). I read sections of the Old Testament, New Testament, Gospels, Epistles and at least one Psalm and one chapter of Proverbs per day, at different times in the course of the day. This way I easily go through 11 or more chapters a day, getting saturated with the Word and being hungry every day for that personal Word from the Lord’s heart for me. This way you will reread the book of Proverbs every month, the Gospels at least every 2 months, all the Epistles at least every 4 months, etc.

This way of reading is not a ritual though, and when Holy Spirit quickens something to me, I will take my time to meditate on that particular verse, word, topic or section with cross-references, etc. and pray it through, warfare with the Word and apply it to my life where it fits. Then I return to my “general” reading later.
See to it that you carry your “Sword” with you everywhere and when you have a spare moment, maybe waiting for someone, you can read a portion. Also try and memorize verses, then sections. The Word has to become imbedded in your spirit, so that Holy Spirit can bring it out for your edification any time He wants to.
This is also imperative for would-be prophets to KNOW the Word.

I can really recommend the on-line Bible,which you can download on your computer free of charge from:www.e-sword.net. You can choose your own commentaries, Strongs, etc. and even do your own study notes. I find it a great help and encourage you to set your mind on it to get drenched in the Word.

Make your reading of the Word your greatest JOY and something to look forward to every time! It is the Love letter of the Lord to you!


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Prayer is our 911 link to heaven and something we cannot do enough! Paul tells us to pray without ceasing and to pray in our understanding and in the spirit. The Lord tells us how to pray in Matthew 6 and His life shows us that He was always setting Himself apart for prayer. Prayer is a way of life and a state of mind and our aim should be to become a house of prayer. So, let us pray: for ourselves, our family, our friends, the lost, the sick and hurting, the government and leaders of the church. The list is endless because the situations are endless, but yes, LET US PRAY AND TRUST OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN to give us what we ask as we abide in Christ.