We are God’s artwork, His creative workmanship. He dreamed about each of our lives before the foundation of the earth, having created us in Christ Jesus for His good works that He wants us to walk in.

Isn’t it wondrous that we have all been unique designed to walk out our destiny in Him? As our DNA strands are interwoven with those of the Trinity, the full picture emerges step by step for His glory and together with the fitly joined other parts of the body of Christ, we come to fulness in love.

As we tap into the innate talents, giftings and anointings He has imbedded in our composition, we come to full bloom – expressing His nature in the details of the fruit we bear.

Glory Hallelujah to the Lamb of God, who opened the veil that we can see who we really are in Him – now to pursue Him to fulfill His desires for His design to come forth in us in fulness.

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