It is amazing that babies learn to make their needs known by sound. They soon learn which sounds, together with the intensity of the right volume, will draw response from their parents. But, as they grow up, they are taught to suppress spontaneous sounds that express their feelings by parents who need silence to concentrate on their work.

Thus, much of their expression is shut down by negative attention and many never recover their spontaneity in expression. Some even become introverts, unable to express their true feelings.

Unfortunately it also reflects in their ability to “voice” their feelings and desires towards God. 

Our Creator-God, El Elohim, has created us with the ability to commune with Him in many ways, but the most important sound that He is listening for, is the sound of a heart that calls out to Him!  This can take on the form of prayer, of heart-cries, of songs of many kinds, but the “sound” He is listening for is from a heart of genuine love for Him, for even if it is inaudible to the human ear, it carries the frequency of passion. This is what touches His heart!

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