Isn’t it amazing that when we become still before the Lord in His Presence how His divine creativity is stirred up in us.

I believe everybody has creativity on the inside, because God’s creativity is progressively being multiplied in the earth on an ongoing basis. Everything is alive with the sound frequency of creation that is still reverberating throughout the earth.  “Let there be light” is echoing through the ages ever since it was first spoken in myriads of forms and patterns, sounds and colors. 

As we come in tune with His creative sound on the inside of us, creativity bubbles up in glorious new ideas, waiting to find expression through us to bring glory to our Creator.

Will you, will I, co-operate with His creative unction, allowing the Holy Spirit to express Himself through us in a fresh anointing to magnify the Lord of lords and King of kings? It is His gift to each of us, flowing out in innumerable ways – each one unique in its own way.

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