Thanksgiving is one of those special times every year where we as a family do our best to be together – coming from afar to spend time with one another. I is a time when we are mindful to count our blessings and it has become one of our family habits to seriously give thought to the things in our lives that we truly are thankful for.
During our Thanksgiving dinner we all take turns around the table to speak about the wonderful things that we are grateful for. It’s interesting how people can surprise us with their thoughts, which turn into discussions which create even more gratitude and awareness of things that really matter.
I have noticed that the gratefulness in our hearts usually center around things which man cannot do, so that all the thanks go to God who is the One who is constantly blessing His children with His goodness and grace.  Most of the time it is about health and the value of family love and support, valuing each other, appreciating each other – always culminating in the reminiscing about our faithful God from whom all blessing flow.
Our greatest blessing of course is to have received the life of Christ in whom we have been blessed with all the spiritual blessings in heavenly places. How great is our God!
Thanksgiving is a way of life to frame our world in the goodness of God.

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