On our journey through life here on earth we constantly learn and change.

As our priorities shift from the temporary to the eternal, we see things from a different perspective and our values shift accordingly.

Little by little we undergo a transformation as we look into the glory of the Lord, progressively being changed into His image while beholding Him.  What glory! What splendor! What magnificence!

Silence becomes our friend in that it opens our hearts to be receptive to the sound of heaven, from which we learn to live.

In the beauty of His holiness our hearts melt in adoration, being fully absorbed in Him and by Him, tuned to the different nuances of His love-whispers which reverberate in us as light and truth, strengthening us and maturing us.

We mature emotionally until we are so lost in the Christ that nothing can move us any more – secure in His love and grace. All the spiritual blessings in the heavenlies are ours and we are seated together with Christ in heavenly places, not only walking in our full inheritance in Him, but exercising dominion over the enemy.

Abiding in His presence is our joy, contentment and fulfillment until we are so permeated with Him, saturated in the oils of His anointing that miracles flow effortlessly, leaving the mark of His glory simply by being.

This is a place of shelter where we are totally protected against the wiles of the enemy. Angels encamp around us, and we feast at His table while the enemy can only look on. Righteousness, peace and joy reigns and we are found in Him.

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