It is amazing how seasons shift in the spiritual, just as it shifts in the natural. Our sensitivity to the spiritual shift will position us to receive instructions and directives from the Lord to know how to negotiate our path by the light of His Word on unknown terrain.


It is in waiting on God in the stillness that we pick up the rhythm of the new sound that is coming from the heart of our loving heavenly Father, who is delighted to show us the way by the guidance of the Spirit and the Word.


These two, the Spirit and the Word, are our constant companions as we live from His mouth. His love is our security that grounds us firmly in the solidity of His faithfulness.


Enfolded in Him, we walk in the cloud of His Presence from which His power emanates in a mighty display of miracles to show forth His Kingdom.


Today, the day of Atonement, is the culmination of the days of awe in which we, as Christians, celebrate the victory of Calvary. What Jesus has accomplished for us on the cross, is an awesome wonder!  While contemplating His atonement for our sins, the magnificence of God’s wisdom floods our souls and we stand in a wonder that bursts forth in high praises of thankfulness! 

What a wonderful God we serve, having made provision for us through the precious blood of His Son, Christ Jesus to live a life of abundant blessings in Him!


My heart swells in overflowing gratitude because of His love!

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