As I was worshipping, I stepped into the spirit realm and saw Jesus walking in a meadow, watching sheep. I was lagging behind (having been very distracted the night before) and caught up with Him. He leaned over to look deep into my eyes, His eyes burning with the fire of love. I saw no condemnation but a deep, compelling pull to be one with His heart.

Then I saw Him pick up one of the lambs whose front legs were both broken. He held it close to Him and I understood by revelation of the Spirit that He is ever ready to pick up the hurting, the broken, the lame and the helpless to comfort, heal and restore. This is the agape love of the Shepherd in action and He wants me to walk as He did, for the glory of the Father.

I was reminded of how He restored Peter who has betrayed Him. He never scolded him or reprimanded him, but His question was, “Peter, do you love Me?”

By asking Peter, “Do you love me?” three times, Jesus was restoring him and at the same time giving him the commission to feed his sheep. The message He conveys is that we should care for those who belong to Christ in the same way that He, the Lord, does. We forgive fully because of his unconditional love for us, proved by His laying down His life for us on the cross. This incident with Peter happened after His resurrection and here Peter receives the revelation that the agape love of Jesus is the requirement to love as He loves and feed His sheep, restoring them to Him in the power of the resurrection.

The one thing we have to learn here is that Jesus requires agape love – the God-kind of love, which is unconditional forgiveness. That will enable us to shepherd and care for those who belong to the Master. Phileo love was the response of Peter, but Jesus wants to pull us higher into the provision of His apage love through the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit.
We can draw on His provision, making ourselves available to love with His love and then we will have the compassionate, nurturing love that feeds the sheep, wherever they are at.

Prayer: Father God, as I am learning about the self-sacrificing love of the Shepherd, I realize I cannot do this by myself. Therefore, I yield to Your glorious Presence on the inside, allowing You to change my heart to love as You love. I ask that You imprint this message on my heart, Lord and empower me by Your Spirit to love, forgive and feed Your sheep with compassion with no record of their wrongs.

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