IMG_1578A state of bliss in His Presence

There is no disturbance of static in God’s glory-presence. It is a place of sublime bliss – overflowing with the consciousness of God’s goodness and grace in fulness of peace, bubbling with joy.

In His glory Presence the heart’s eyes are filled with the light of revelation, wisdom and understanding of Who He is.

To see His face and to know the Christ is your focus.

Thus, looking into His glory, transformation is an ongoing process into the likeness of His image in a flow of enjoyment of the Spirit’s fruit under an open heaven.

There is no “trying” to work things out, or to achieve or strive for some kind of recognition or approval. It is a place of His rest where you only move in the flow of the Holy Spirit. While all your spiritual senses are tuned to Him, following His cue, doing as you are led to do by His power – all for the glory of God.

When the enemy comes with a negative suggestion or threat, you do not engage with it, but simply hand it over to the Father, asking Him to give you His Word on it. Then wait on His guidance.

Your house is filled with worship and ceaseless prayer, staying your mind on the Lord and He will keep you in perfect peace.

Waiting on Him you become intertwined with Him, knitted into His being in oneness, drinking of the new wine of His love and life, perpetually singing with the sound of His glory in the river of life.

Lingering in His Presence-consciousness, His fragrance permeates your very being causing you to hunger and thirst of Him even more – lovesick for the Beloved.

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