My Shell “present”

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Today I received such a special “love letter” from the Lord. He knows our frame, knowing when we need that special touch of HIs love and He knows what moves us.

I was walking on the beach with one of my grandchildren, looking for shells, when I found this beautiful, perfect pansy shell, which evokes fond memories of my father and mother.


The story of the cross and His wounds is engraved in this exquisite shell and I just sensed the Lord reminding me of His amazing love, which caused Him to lay down His life for us. Tears started streaming down my face as the moment turned into an intimate love-encounter with My Lord while building an altar of worship in the spirit for the Love of my life-right there on the beach, without anyone around me realizing it.

His love for us is so personal, unique and glorious! It flooded my whole being with wonder.

After a while my little granddaughter came up to me and I told her that I received a special present from Jesus.  She was enthralled by it’s beauty.

I put it in a safe place and when we were ready to leave she asked me where my shell-present was…….a heart-engraved memory.



“Let Your Kingdom come”

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The kingdom comes to earth because the one who has been breathing in the atmosphere of heaven releases that atmosphere on earth through God’s commands. So it is all about the King! It is about being in His presence and releasing His presence, His Word, His power on earth. It is about breathing in His glory and then exhaling it into the earth.

As we breathe in His light and receive His power, peace and authority of His Word – then releasing it through kingly decrees into the earth over people and circumstances, it brings change and transformation, establishing God’s Kingdom on earth.


Being a House of Worship

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I was so hungry for the Lord, asking to see His face (Ps.27) – and as I started thanking Him and praising Him together with a worship CD, I suddenly saw His face watching over the world for the incense of our praise and worship going up to Him, finding great pleasure in hearts that are set upon Him alone – no other gods.

I was thinking of different cultures, praising God in different expressions and different rhythms. The thought came to me that we are so blessed to have voices (built-in instruments) that can sound His praises all day long and I was expressing my thanks to Him for this privilege.
Then I became aware of all of creation singing forth His praises (Ps.148) and went into deep worship of who He is in His magnificent glory.

John 4:24: “God is … God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” KJV