In Ps. 132 David’s heart-cry is to establish a dwelling place for the mighty One of Jacob. (v.5)

This Psalm was written at the time when the ark was brought back to Jerusalem and now the cry still goes out for us to prepare a dwelling place for the Almighty.

It starts with worship and in v.7 he releases an invitation to go into His tabernacle to worship at His footstool. David’s tabernacle did not have divisions, just the Ark of HIs Presence.

This is the spiritual Zion where we come into communion-union with the Trinity and where we prepare a dwelling place in our hearts for the Lord to rest – where He can have a habitation.

Here, we as priests unto our Lord, are clothed with righteousness and rejoice with joy in His Presence.

The Lord has chosen to dwell in our hearts in intimacy, having His resting place to dwell, that being His desire (v.14).

In this place we will be abundantly blessed with the provision of our every need in Christ, according to the riches of His glory.

Those who come humbly will be satisfied with the living Bread, growing in the knowledge of the Christ, as we feast at His banqueting table, enjoying His love.

V.17: There we will grow in strength and His light will shine over us in revelation knowledge, the light within us becoming stronger.

God Himself will take care of our enemies and crown us with HIs loving kindness.

Through the Davidic worship pattern a sure foundation is laid in Zion, with Christ the Cornerstone, justice the measuring line and righteousness the plummet (Is.28:16-17).

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