“Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you” (Matt.7:7)

God knows our frame so well and He is ever merciful. He always answers our prayers in some way or another – often not in the way we expect Him to.

I was going into worship as usual in the morning, but there were so many distracting thoughts that I felt I couldn’t break through into that deep, deep intimacy. I simply asked the Lord to make His heart known to me and to draw close to me (as I drew close to Him). (James 4:8)

As I was getting dressed, doing my hair (pray-talking to the Lord), the Presence of the Lord came upon me in waves in such an intense way that I started groaning for the Lord in the Spirit, realizing how faithful He is to His Word. When we draw close to Him, desiring Him for who He is, He will draw close to us.

Going back into worship, I was overcome by HIs love, being poured out so lavishly upon me as I heard the Spirit saying, “Just lean into Me” – having deep communion with Him showing me what happened and giving me quiet instruction.

I realized that I allowed my thoughts to jump around randomly from one topic to another, without taking them captive to stay focused on the Lord. This can happen so quickly, overtaking you, without realizing what is happening and so easily we can lose our focus on Him.

I want to stress that these were not negative thoughts (then I might have taken action sooner). No worries or fears, just distractive (seemingly innocent) thoughts that made me feel as if I was bombarded in the busyness of my mind. Remember, that the enemy will do anything to distract us in order to lose our constant communion with the Lord.

I repented for my negligence and praised the Lord for His gentle, gracious instruction. Then, as I was seeking His face in worship, asking and knocking for wisdom and understanding, He communed with me in deep intimacy, teaching me various things by the Spirit of revelation.

We have the power of the Holy Spirit in us to take every thought captive in obedience to Christ, so there is no excuse. (2 Cor.10:5-6)

It is of utmost importance to keep our minds focused on the Lord, worshiping, praying, thanking Him, meditating on His Word, etc. And then listening in to hear what He wants to share with us from His heart.

What a gracious God we serve!

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