The sound of heaven

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Today I am just overwhelmed by the realization that I am tuned in to the sound of heaven. As I receive the frequencies of the Spirit from my inner being, trembling with His Presence and power, the Living Word becomes utterance and flows out as streams of living water, bringing to abundant life to those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.   What an awesome privilege to be HIs mouthpiece!  And what a responsibility!



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Thankfulness is a by-product of the glory of God.  When your life has been fully surrendered to God, you live in His Presence and that is the place of fulness of Joy.  There exists no need, for all is provided in Christ – according to the riches of HIs glory!  What else can be in your heart except thankful praise and worship to our God, who is our full supply.  This is the result of seeking His Kingdom first – all else is added, so ……. more thankfulness!  Hallelujah!