What is the measure of light that we walk in?

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The sensitivity of our hearing increases according to the measure of light that we walk in. Any measure of doubt or fear brings “fog”; so do negative attitudes in relationships, as well as any troubled thought.

Love and light are married and compose the attire of the Bride. In the light of His countenance, she hears His whispers.

Heb. 12
Ps. 89:15
1 Jn 1:7


Being poured out

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We have come to drink of the living waters, are being filled up on an ongoing basis, but are we ready to pour out those living waters into every moment, every conversation, every situation, every place to every person we come in contact with?

It is up to us to let our light shine as we go, everywhere we put our feet, everywhere a Word is released. So open the faucet that the fountain can gush forth from our bellies – streams of living water, bringing healing, deliverance, blessing and a directive Word from the Throne room to shift people into alignment with His will to fulfill their destiny. It is the anointing that breaks the yoke! Hallellujah!

The world is desperate for it and they go to fortune tellers to divine the future for them, but we are walking with the life-giving Spirit on the inside of us – to give us counsel, direction, strategy and the sure Word of prophecy that shines like a light into the darkness. So make sure that you are plugged in to the power source of the Spirit, filled with the anointing and sensitively tuned to His leading to just let the river flow out from your belly in streams of living water – bringing heaven to earth to glorify His Name!


John 7:38


“Sanctify them through Thy truth. Thy word is truth.”

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Every time that we give in to the dictates of the flesh, we lose spiritual energy and power.

Three agencies are at work in the process of sanctification and transformation: First the will of man has to be surrendered to the will of God; then The Holy Spirit works in man to will and to work according to His good pleasure and thirdly the power of the truth of God’s Word will do a work of sanctification, made alive by the Spirit.

“This work, which begins in the new birth, is carried on in two ways–mortification, whereby the lusts of the flesh are subdued and kept under; and vivification, by which the life which God has put within us is made to be a well of water springing up unto everlasting life.” – Daily devotion – MacSword

John 17:17
James 4:17
1 Pet. 4:2
Ga. 5:16


Much to see for those who will take time to look

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We have the example of the prophet Habakuk, taking His place upon the “rampart” to SEE what the Lord is saying to receive His unfolding vision.

Often we are so pre-occupied with what He has shown us before, or with our “own” vain imaginations of soulish desires, that we fail to stay current with the next line or precept that He wants to disclose. We do not realize that His revelation of our future is progressive and this causes us to get stuck on the first line.

SILENCE is needed in the soul to receive light. It is a place where noise of word or thought cannot abide.



Sensitivity to the Holy Ghost

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It happens every time that the Holy Spirit just alerts you to pray for someone and if it is really Him, that person will just write to you or contact you somehow regarding a need. So often we get busy or distracted and do not follow up on His “leading” and we could easily miss out on what He wanted to do. The more we pray in tongues, the more sensitive we get to the spirit realm, and the more He can use those prayers for intercession, interpretation, edifying, revelation, etc. – working out the Father’s will, as it is in heaven, into our earthly situations.

Jude v.20
Eph. 3:17


The Priestly Blessing

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Blessing is a priestly ministry and as we come under the covering of our Eternal High Priest, Jesus Christ, He opens up the costly blessing of our full inheritance through His perfect provision of His holy blood. Hallelujah!
Numbers: 6:24-26


Jesus, our High Priest

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Isn’t it glorious to know that we have an eternal High Priest who has opened the heavens for us by His blood and who lives to intercede for us! He knows our every weakness and has compassion on us, taking the professions of our faith to the throne of grace so that we can receive mercy and grace in time of need. Hallelujah!

Watch this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3iGbQmF5sI