WHAT ARE YOU BEARING IN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS concerning your relevant situation? Notice your submodalities, you strategies, what your beliefs are and what your values are.

You may say something with you intellect, even make a faith confession intellectually, but bear something else in your heart. That again is double-mindedness. Get fully persuaded in your heart that God’s Word is true, then receive it in your heart, speak it forth by faith declaration and it surely will come to pass.

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  1. Elsibe, it is so good to hear from you! God has used you before to encourage me and He is again, now. The past month my van has been diasgnosed with major problem and i have been advised to trade it while i can. As i go sputtering down the road, i pray seeking wisdom in what to do. As I pull to the side of the road because it suddenly quits running, I am crying out to my Father with His promise of provision and protection. Hesitantly, I have stopped at car dealerships because i feel i need to walk out my Faith. I believe we should move in our Faith and not sit idley for,, the car to pull up in the drive-way. Of course, Satan sends the fear that I battle daily tryin to distract me from the truth that i know in my heart that He will provide the vehicle that will be perfect with a perfect price. I think of you often and pray blessings over you and Cavelle:)

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