San Fernando

We have been very aware of the thick prayer
covering over us while traveling, being on the go
for 33 hours to Manila, and God's grace making
a way before us through different "interesting"

We arrived at the orphanage in San Fernando on Sunday and have been
teaching and imparting into these precious young people non-stop,
together with a ministry team of three people from Arkansas.  There have
been wonderful healing (physically and emotionally) and deliverances and
prophetic impartation.  More people have been coming from the
surrounding areas to join the conference every day, and there has been
much impartation to leadership from other areas.

Last night the heavens opened up during abandoned worship and the
glory fell heavily on young and old. At first the Spirit of Prophesy flowed
through some of the young people and then there was such an explosion
of the glory that everyone was undone. There was no preaching, just
ministering by Holy Spirit and the atmosphere was thick with the glory.
There was clearly a shaking and shifting into a new dimension according
to the prophetic Word that came forth and we give God all the glory for
the powerful impacting of these beautiful people.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY!  On Friday, April 25, 2008, we went into
the city with all the young people, proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus
Christ over the Philippines tearing down the strongholds of the enemy
with prophetic declarations and singing His Praises with tambourines,
streamers, banners, etc, and redeeming the land
with communion.

Cagayan De Oro

On May 28th we left Manila for Cagajan De Oro,
the most Southern island of the Philippines. Al-
though it is only a 1 hour 50 minute flight, it took
us most of the day to get there (due to delays)
and the first night there was such a storm
(and no electricity) that they decided to cancel
the meeting for the opening night of the Family
Camp Meeting.  These were the sure signs that
God was going to do something glorious and we
were not disappointed!  Many Pastors came from
different areas of the island (some from remote
areas) for a fresh impartation of the Holy Spirit.   
Several youth worship teams came also and the
rest were young people and their parents.  We
got some fresh appreciation for missionary
Pastors who work in very hard and difficult
conditions for the Salvation of the lost, with little
or no comfort.  What they do have is unwavering
faith, the power of the Holy Spirit, perseverance and burning hearts for
the Lord Jesus and the spreading of the Gospel of Christ.  

                           The Lord put an international ministry team
                            together who have not known each other before,
                            coming from the UK, New Zealand and the two of
                            us; originally from South Africa.  It was remarkable
                            how we operated in oneness of the Spirit and the
                            central message of “Christ in us” was woven
                            through like a golden thread. (Romans 12:5-6
So we, being many, are one body in Christ,
and every one members one of another.Having then gifts differing
according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy…

The days were packed with signs, wonders and miracles.  Many received
the infilling of the Holy Spirit as well as deliverance and healing.  One
outstanding miracle was of a lady who could hardly see, who received
total sight in both eyes.  

As in San Fernando, the atmosphere was charged each day with more
expectation, as the level of surrender deepened and the worship became
abandoned. On Wednesday night we broke through into an open heaven
during deep worship.  Thursday morning the glory filled the place and
many committed their lives to a new place in intimacy with the Lord.  After
this 6 people took their vows of dedication to the Lord to become End-
time Handmaidens and Servants of the Lord and to go anywhere He
sends them to establish His Kingdom.  (This is the ministry of Dr Gwen
Shaw and you can learn more about this Ministry by visiting them online
at www.eth-s.org.
The last night’s meeting continued until after midnight and we left with
many blessings and prayers to and from each other.  Jesus was truly
lifted up and therefore He drew all men to Him!  WE GIVE HIM ALL THE

Again we thank all of our Intercessors for keeping us and these
outreaches under the Love blanket of prayer, but please do not stop
praying for us, and everyone returning to their homes and countries.  We
need God’s grace every step of the way, especially as
we enter through the gates of all the different countries.  
Please pray also that the Holy Spirit will seal all His work
by the precious Blood of Jesus.

We love you and appreciate you much.

Elsabé and Cavélle
Copyright ©2007 Agape Life Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.
Psalm 26:7  That I may publish with the voice
of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous
works.  (KJV)
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Redeeming The Land with Prophetic declarations, Communion and the blowing of
the ram's horn while raising His banner and establishing Kingdom Reign of Jesus
Christ our Saviour and Redeemer over the land.
The Team: Sandy, Shirley, Cavélle, Elsabé and
Pastors Abe and his wife Stella who heads up
Christian Praise.
Elsabé and Cavélle tag-preaching.
Children Worshipping
Christian Praise Worship Leader:
Brother Ray
Elsabé delivering the Word for the hour!
5th Global Revival Network Camp Meeting in
Cagayan De Oro
Team from the Nations with local Pastor:
Pastor Zeny Pacleb
Prophetic Procession with flaming torches
alongside the banner of Cagayan De Oro.  
Evangelist Jeff blowing the rams horn while the
tambourine dancers trample upon the works of
iniquity and the banners of victory are waived.
Prophetic Song