Missions in
Puerto is part
of the ministry
that God has
called us to.  
This pages
shows the
of God in
tangible form.  
yourself for
the glory of
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Iglesia de San
Jose, built in
1530s, the
second oldest
Church in the
Tiny streets
cobbled with
glassy, bluish
cobbles that
mostly came
during the 18th
century as
ballast in ships
bound for the
Pastor Len
Rodriquez with
Cavélle and
Brother Edwin
Saxaphone Player
Edwin Sepulveda
Lady in the
middle raised
from a
wheelchair, now
walking freely
International Team
Edwin Sepulveda,
Elsabe, Pastor
Nicolas Khoury,
Len and Gretchen
Rodriquez with
their children:
(Bianca, Karina,
Isabella), Pastor
Phyllis Statkus
and Cavélle
Team members
from Port Saint
Lucie, FL
Pastor Nicolas
Khoury, Elsabe,
Cavélle and Pastor
Phyllis Statkus
Prophetic Declarations at El Morro over
the land of Puerto Rico
God in Charge at 'El Castillo
San Felipe del Morro'
God's covenant
promises affirmed
over Puerto Rico
with a rainbow
stretching from the
ocean over the land
Garita at El Morro
Elsabe ministering at
Pastor Cory's church,
Abundant Life at
Union Church, San
Elsabe with Pastor
Tito Cabàn,
ministering at El
Pabellon de la
Victoria de Camuy.
Pastor Phyllis, Cavelle and
Elsabe at CEJ Communidad
Christiana, Arecibo  (Pastors
Edwin and Ephraim Duran)
God is good and His mercy endures forever!  Before we left the States, God told me that
He was going to manifest His glory in Puerto Rico with signs, wonders and miracles
while we worship Him.

He is watchful over His Word to perform it and as we stand in agreement with His Word,
declaring it in expectation of its fulfillment, we will see His glory manifested!

At the beginning of December 2007, Agape Life Ministries                                                  
had the honor of ministering in Puerto Rico for the second                                                  
time this year. We ministered in three churches this time                                                 
and our international team was made up of 7 people:                                               
3 originally from South Africa,                                              
2 originally from Puerto Rico and 2 originally from America.                                                
We truly experienced the love unity of brothers and sisters                                              
in the Lord in fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer and                                               
even with the Pastors of the different churches where we                                             
ministered, there was such a beautiful knitting and bonding                                               
in the love of the Lord “in one accord” that God poured out                                               
the anointing oil and manifested His glory in signs, wonders                                                
and miracles.                                            

We are standing in awe of the Lord’s goodness as we                                             
watched Him move in the meetings. His Presence came in                                                
the worship, then His power and then the gifts of the Holy                                               
Spirit flowed gloriously in great grace, bringing healing to                                                
hearts while Brother Edwin Sepulveda ministered on his                                              

The Word that God gave to the people of Puerto Rico was                                                
to surrender their lives to His Kingly reign by surrender,                                              
to seek His face in intimacy and to get ready for Kingdom                                                 
living by stepping over into the life of the Spirit, leaving                                               
behind sin, the flesh and the world.                                         

      Many came to full surrender of their lives to                                           
             Christ and we give the Lord all the glory for                                                  
             doing even beyond what we could pray or                                                   
      imagine. Many were healed, giving testimony                                           
          that all pain was gone in backs, necks, knees.                                             
A lady who was tormented with pain all over her                          
        body was completely healed and testified the                                            
       following day that she was pain-free and                                           
walking without her cane. A number of legs                             
grew out and a man that had 4 broken ribs                                  
    was healed, all pain was gone and then he                                       
gave his life to Jesus as his Savior.                        

       A notable miracle happened when a lady who                                            
         suffered a stroke, having been paralyzed on                                             
        the left side and couldn’t walk for a whole year,                                             
         was healed.  She got up out of her wheelchair,                                              
   walking around, her left arm and hand and leg                                        
        fully restored to perfect function. God healed                                            
        her completely. She walked out to the parking                                             
   lot and we met her later in a restaurant, walking                                         
       to the restroom. Her daughter and sister were                                             
        overcome with joy, praising the Lord.  What an                                              
awesome God we serve!                 

       Another lady who suffered from Parkinson’s                                            
      disease and couldn’t stand alone, was raised                                            
       up, got strength in her legs and walked around                                            
        by herself, while the whole congregation                                           
  cheered her on, praising the Lord.  Both her                                        
and her daughter was overjoyed.                   

          A man who had broken foot bones (after a                                             
           heavy piece of machinery fell on his foot) was                                              
         healed.  All pain was gone and he could walk                                            
          normally,  giving his testimony afterwards,                                             
praising Jesus for His miracle power!                      

          On the last day, December 10, we visited the                                               
          famous fort, El Morro, took  communion and                                              
         made prophetic declarations over the island,                                            
           redeeming  the land for the Kingdom.  It is                                                
        interesting to note that it was on this exact                                             
        date in the year 1898 that a peace treaty was                                           
         signed in Paris to end the Spanish-American                                            
war and Puerto Rico officially became American territory.    

           Another interesting “coincidence” was that an elaborate                              
       article about San Juan and its historical landmarks was                          
             published in the travel section of Scripps Treasure                                Coast
Newspapers on Sunday December 9th, 2007     
           (Three of the team members live in Port St Lucie on                                 
the Treasure Coast of Florida.)       

          While we were praying, holding hands in a circle,                          
             declaring the reign of the King of kings, Christ Jesus,                                
            over the island, the wind rose up with such strength that,                               
for a moment, it blew me off balance;  then suddenly it   
         started raining.  We flew out in the afternoon and hours                         
          later an unexpected tropical storm resulted, flooding                           
the island and left many without electricity.    

Psalm 29:1-4
Give unto the LORD, O ye mighty, give unto the LORD glory and               
 strength.  Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; worship the   
LORD in the beauty of holiness.  The voice of the LORD is upon the   
  waters: the God of glory thundereth: the LORD is upon many waters.    
The voice of the LORD is powerful; the voice of the LORD is   
full of majesty.
”  KJV

The testimonies coming from our team were that God enlarged all of us and stretched us
in different ways, but we all stood in awe of our precious Lord Jesus, as His goodness
passed before us.  There is no-one like Him!  Something else I personally enjoyed
tremendously was the love and servant-hood between our team members, as each one
just allowed the Holy Spirit to flow.  His Name be glorified forever end ever!

Lastly, but of utmost importance,  we all want to thank those who have faithfully prayed for
us, for without the prayer covering it would not have been as smooth and easy as it was.  
Nothing happens without prayer and your contribution of intercession is invaluable!  You
are much appreciated and we praise the Lord for you!

Matthew 6:6
But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy
door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret
shall reward thee openly.
” - KJV
Psalm 26:7  That I may publish with the voice
of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous
works.  (KJV)
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