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                               PUERTO RICO MISSIONS

Update:   5 September.  Praise the Lord, we give God all the glory for another night of miracles and
signs and wonders in healing, deliverance, and a strong prophetic flow with more gold dust on several people.  
Praise the Lord for all His glory and grace.  

In all the churches we ministered at, there was a tremendous expectancy in the atmosphere and
the Lord surely met and surpassed our expectations with an outpouring of His glory!  ALL
blessing, honor, glory and praise to  GOD ALMIGHTY!  

Before I left the States, I lost count of how many different people praying over me seeing a
tornado of the glory of God in Puerto Rico.
On the flight over the ocean towards Puerto Rico, I saw 7 or 8 rainbows in the clouds, all going
vertically from the clouds to the water (managed to get 5 photographed).  The Word I received


Friday night our team ministered at a large church in the North of the island, and this theme was a
prophetic exhortation for the people to step out of every restriction of the past, leave it behind
and come up higher in worship to seek the face of the Lord earnestly and to be positioned for the
new outpouring of His Glory!  Jennifer joined the keyboard player and anointed worship was going
on all the time while I was ministering and when Gretchen danced the message in a beautiful
prophetic dance, people streamed out as a token of their commitment.  There were salvations,
repentance, deliverances, healing in the emotional as well as the physical and we stood in awe,
watching the Holy Spirit move in power!  I cannot stop thanking and praising the Lord!

One man was in so much pain that he wore a brace and could hardly stand on his feet. The
Lord healed him completely and he and his wife and son were so overwhelmed that they                
just wept uncontrollably, unable to speak.  Another older man walked with a cane, unable to
put weight on his foot because of the pain in his knee.  After the Lord touched him, he was
able to walk without the cane back and forth, as though unable to grasp the miracle.  Many
others testified of their healing.

Saturday night there was a strong prophetic anointing and the whole team ministered in the flow,
many receiving emotional healing and also some physical healing and baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Sunday September 2nd:  In the morning service we ministered at a Pentecostal Church
and the presence of the Lord came so strong when the violin started playing that for the first 5 (or
more) minutes after I came up, I could not speak.  We were all just undone in the presence of the
Lord.  This meeting was marked by a special healing anointing and many people were healed of
pain in different body parts, along with testimonies.  There were also a notable number of people
who were delivered of witchcraft and then received healing, while the rest received prophetic
direction.  As we prayed for people, the Pastor started noticing gold dust on many faces and
there was also some on Jennifer's violin.

Sunday evening we met with a hungry, expectant church in Bayamon, and after the message
there was a tremendous power surge of the anointing (like a whilrwind).  Then the healing
anointing came very strong and a great number of people got healed of various kinds of ailments,
all giving glory to the Lord.  

In all 4 churches the glory manifested with gold dust - mostly on people's faces and it surely
looked like a tornado hit these churches.
We also noticed an increase of rain since we came, and we know that the spiritual golden rain has
started to fall on these hungry people.


We are thankful for the intercessors who were with us in the Spirit and will appreciate your
ongoing prayer for Tuesday night and prayer covering for our journey back.

Wednesday we plan to attend a meeting of Joshua Mills in the Church where the stones, the gold
dust  and the oil is manifesting and then we will be flying out to the States on Thursday morning.

August 27: Thank you for all your prayers for traveling.  Everything worked out perfectly and we give God all
the glory!  Last night, August 26th, we met with a whole bunch of youth and some of their parents in a house
meeting and what a glory outpouring we had!  The Spirit of the Lord moved strong in the prophetic and some of
the girls just broke down in weeping.  Their hearts were so tender and receptive and God ministered His love
wonderfully to all present.  What a wonderful group of young people, impacted with the Spirit of glory to take it to
the rest of Puerto Rico and change a nation!

Jennifer Underwood and Elsabe Briers are in San Juan, Puerto Rico
from August 25th and have joined up with ministry representatives of
Extreme Prophetic Ministries, Len and Gretchen Rodrigues.  They are
ministering as a team in different Churches, Len helping with the
interpreting, Gretchen and her girls doing prophetic dancing and
Jennifer doing prophetic worship on her violin, while Elsabe will be
preaching.  We will also do Prophetic Evangelism in the streets and
have youth meetings in Adjuntas.

We believe God for an outpouring of His glory in Puerto Rico with
signs and wonders following and many souls to be saved.
Please pray for us for traveling mercies and great grace.
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